Jesus on the job

Hey everyone. Thus man has had a huge impact on my faith. I want to share. He has a bunch of interviews and a few books out but I like this one. Jesus in action!

Because this is posted in Catholic Living, I’m just noting here that this guy Howard Storm is not Catholic, he’s a United Church of Christ minister. And his alleged NDE has some stuff in it that’s not quite in line with Catholic teaching.

Yeah was on a catholic show… however could ask for a move if we want another locale.

Edit: ty edward George!

Somebody (not me) already moved this to Non-Catholic Religions.

I don’t object to its being here, the guy was an atheist before so his change to UCC is a big positive step in the right direction. Just didn’t want people to get confused about his statements on religion.

Yeah no stress, ty for pointing it out :+1:

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