Jesus only baptism accepted by early Church?

In Epistle of Cyprian 72, Cyprian, while arguing against Pope Stephen I on re-baptism of heretics, attempted to refute Stephen’s opinion that baptism in the name of Jesus alone is valid. Even though the Church today believes Cyprian was wrong about the re-baptism of heretics, was Stephen also wrong insomuch that he believed those baptized in Jesus name only did not have to be baptized again?

Also, St. Ambrose says in his first Book On the Holy Spirit, chapter 3, “The statement of the Apostle, that all things are of the Father by the Son, does not separate the Spirit from Their company, since what is referred to one Person is also attributed to each. So those baptized in the Name of Christ are held to be baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, if, that is, there is belief in the Three Persons, otherwise the baptism will be null. This also applies to baptism in the Name of the Holy Spirit.

Apparently St. Augustine too believed Jesus only baptism was sufficient in “To Petitianus, Ch 44, sect 104.”

There are other example of Church Fathers who accepted it.

What does the Church make of this?

It is a question that remains unsettled.

The current discipline is that the Trinitarian formula must be used.

Historically, there have been arguments both for and against baptism “in the name of Jesus” This formula is not allowed to be used, but theologians disagree on whether or not it is a valid formula.

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