Jesus' Passion Anime short

Titled ‘My Last Day’, this is a short written and directed by Barry Cook who directed Disney’s Mulan, and animated by reknowned Japanese Anime studio 4C.

It tells the story of the Crucifixion seen from the perspective of the good thief. You can see it at the link below.

Caution: There is animated violence since it covers Christ’s scourging and Crucifixion. If you’ve seen Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ you will know what to expect, though given that this is animated it’s not as graphic. But just so you know, this is not appropriate for young children or anyone who is turned off by such depictions.

I’d never thought I’d see… a religious, Christian story be given the quality of treatment I’ve come to love about anime.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel terribly guilt-ridden right now.

I could tell, the quality’s really good. :slight_smile:

That was great. I'd love to see more.

Thanks for posting. Well done, and would be good to see more Christian output like this.



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