Jesus played cricket, manuscript suggests

Jesus played cricket, manuscript suggests

It is possible that cricket, a game venerated all over the Commonwealth, is older than currently thought. In fact, Jesus may very well have played the game (or a similar bat and ball contraption) as a child himself, according to an ancient Armenian manuscript.

Long before the English launched cricket some 300 years ago, similar games were being played as early as the 8th century in the Punjab region, Derek Birley writes in his Social History of English Cricket.

But an Armenian scholar says there is good reason to believe that similar games were played in the Middle East long before that time.

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The closest to Cricket is Baseball here in the US. Batter up! :wink:

Oh great! So, now, in addition to people claiming “Jesus was a liberal” or “Jesus was a conservative,” we get to hear “Jesus was a Brit??” :eek: :wink:


What would Jesus bowl


:rotfl: :thumbsup:

Don’t know what he’d bowl, but he’d certainly bat much better than Don Bradman (for those who know their cricket :wink: )

Ask just about anyone in Australia, New Zealand(maybe), England south Africa, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe(sp) Bangladesh. and they’ll agree with this. As they seem to think its the game played in heaven.



Cricket is the greatest sport ever invented.

They have meal breaks (not just quarter-time oranges, but full on lunch breaks) IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME! How awesome is that :smiley:

Well, maybe not British, but isn’t there a legend that his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, took him to Glastonbury? Perhaps he gave the English the idea of cricket during his visit there. :wink:

actually, i heard that, at the beginning of each game, jesus would say " let the one without sin throw the first ball"…
that way he always got to bowl first.:wink:


I know, and during test matches we get tea too :smiley:

Of course, baseball is really God’s game of choice. After all, the bible itself starts:
In the Big Inning

(Wikipedia assures me that in basball, a team’s turn at bat is an inning, while in cricket it is an [singular] innings)


Yes that was in the big inning as you say, but then Jesus came, and now it’s all about cricket. :smiley:

maybe, but that was the old covenant, now replaced with cricket of the new covenant

I remember reading something like that a long time ago. Although, I think the version I read was that it was St. Joseph (or, at least that’s who I thought it was) when being tasked with different jobs around the Roman Empire.

However, I don’t think England was conquered yet by that time.

Now you know why the Bible was edited; to get rid of the silly stuff.

From memory: This ‘Gospel’ mentions Jesus disobeying the master he was apprenticed to and sneaking off to play. Immediate red flag there for me.

Just because it’s ancient don’t meant it ain’t B.S.

What a load!

:shamrock: We all know he was Irish! :yup:

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