Jesus poster and Jesus music :)


Hey Cool Catholics! :smiley:

I am only just realising that I need Jesus in my life but I feel like I am alone and I am struggling. I really want to ‘get into the spirit’ of things so I have decided to buy some Jesus posters and Jesus music :smiley:

I want a few huge posters but websites are asking for about £350! I just want a big poster! Anybody know anywhere a bit cheaper? :slight_smile: I’d prefer to buy a poster instead of drawing my own :slight_smile:

Anybody know any good Jesus albums? You know the type where everyone is like ‘i love Jesus, woo, woo’? :slight_smile:

Anymore avdice for me to love God and Jesus? I pray a lot, go to church and wear rosary beads around my neck :slight_smile:


Dylan :slight_smile:



Glad to hear from you Dylan… got the beads round my neck, too:):):slight_smile:

Can’t help you with the posters, as I do not live in England… 350 GBP??? Whew!!! US$700 for a poster??? The temple traders’ spirit is alive and well, methinks.

As to music…try Carman and DC Talk. There are certainly many others, but I’ve been out of the Christian music market for some years now.

Keep seeking HIM!!!



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