Jesus preached do the spirits in prison


(1 Peter 3:19; 4:6) Jesus preached to the spirits in the “prison.”

I use this verse as an example of there being a place other than heaven and hell. Could be purgatory. But is there a verse that could suggest that this place does not exist anymore? I know people say that it does not exist anymore because Jesus came and now we dont need it anymore. But is that biblical? I was just wondering if the bible said something about this place no longer being there.


It isn’t purgatory. It is Hades, the dwelling place of the dead. In here the prophets of old, kings, and patriarchs awaits for the Messiah.

From another tradition, when Jesus died, he went into this place and commanded them to return to their bodies. If you read the Gospels, the bodies of the saints were risen after Jesus died, proclaiming the salvations.

This was short live since these saints were later send into heaven by Jesus since Jesus open the gates of heaven.

It is the abode of the dead. It was used to translate into Greek the Hebrew concept of Sheol. While in the Old Testament this term was not mythological, it was a metaphorical way to talk about what happened to people when they died. Sheol was simply the place where dead people go. It was almost synonymous with death and especially “grave,” and indeed is used that way in several Old Testament passages, e.g., Psa 49:14:


Abode of the righteous dead

According to 1st century Jewish beliefs, the dead were gathered into a general tarrying-place, the sheol of the Old Testament, and the Hades of the New Testament writings (cf. Luke, 16:22 in the Gr. 16:23). Here, the righteous occupied an abode or compartment of their own which was distinctly separated by a wall or a chasm from the abode or compartment to which the wicked were consigned. The latter was a place of torments usually spoken of as Gehenna (cf. Matt., 5:29, 30; 18:9ff, Mark 9:42 sqq. in the Latin Vulgate)- the other, a place of bliss and security known under the names of “Paradise” (cf. Luke, 23:43) or “the Bosom of Abraham” (Luke, 16:22, 23).
The afterlife as portrayed in the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus fits this concept of the Bosom of Abraham.
In the 3rd century, Hippolytus of Rome referred to Abraham’s bosom as the place in hades where the righteous await judgment day in delight.[1]
Augustine of Hippo likewise referred to the righteous dead as disembodied spirits blissfully awaiting Judgment Day in secret receptacles.[2]
Since the righteous dead are rewarded in the bosom of Abraham before Judgment Day, this belief represents a form of particular judgment.


Because of the work of Christ on Holy Saturday the righteous saints of old, those prior to his coming, now seem to be in heaven or perhaps in purgatory, but are no longer trapped in death. The question that continues to puzzle me is this where are those who are awaiting final judgment now? I certain that God has it all under control but has the Church offered a teaching.


I just read Mommy’s post. Thank you.


How do we know if this place no longer exist though? Does the Church have a official teaching on this because I thought that some catholic believe this to be purgatory and that there was no official teaching of this place still existing or not.

Could God not leave this place open for souls who are not yet perfect as a purgatory?


The Church is silent on this place where Jesus “preached to the dead.” In Purgatory souls are purified from their sins…

When Jesus preached to the dead, he deliver the patriarchs, prophets, kings to heaven. So it can’t be purgatory since souls are being purified. In Hades, they are lie in wait for the Messiah. There is no burning or purifying…

To be honest, would it matter if it is purgatory or no?. It does acknowledge one thing. There are other places that is neither heaven or hell.


No It dosnt matter but I have always wondered. But it does prove there is more than heaven and hell.



How can disembodied souls be in a place? To be in Sheol simply means to be dead.

Additionally, when they pass into non-time, souls cannot be “waiting”. When they died, no matter when, they were “visited” by Jesus in the sense that they learned that they were saved by His sacrifice-to-be, just like His Mother was saved by His sacrifice-to-be.

Let us not project our world into the beyond.



The soul of our Lord then wended its way to the right, towards that part which really constituted Limbo; and there he met the soul of the good thief which angels were carrying to Abraham’s bosom, as also that of the bad thief being dragged by demons into Hell. Our Lord addressed a few words to both, and then entered Abraham’s bosom, accompanied by numerous angels and holy souls, and also by those demons who had been chained and expelled from the compartment.…#CHAPTER%20LIX




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