Jesus' Presence in the Blessed Sacrament


In regards to the Blessed Sacrament, why do we believe that the living Jesus is present in the species? IOW, why is not only the slain body of Christ that died on Calvary present in the Eucharist, but the soul and divinity of Jesus?


Because He Lives. :smiley:

For us to consume His dead flesh would be cannibalism.



OTC, in Holy Communion we receive the Lord’s glorified body, not dead flesh which would be to no avail since it would not give us the life that He has in glory with His Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, that Life which is manifest in His Resurrection from the dead.


Because, at the last supper, he said “This is my body” not “This is my (dead) flesh”.

You have to look at the greek words: soma (body) was used. This implies a living being. Like if I enter a morgue and say “Is anybody here”. I’m not asking if there are cadavers, but living being. Another greek word (sarx) is used to indicate flesh.

In latin they have 2 similar words: corpus (body) and carnis (flesh or meat). The translation was “Hoc est meum corpus” not “carnis”. Again, telling of a living body, not the meat taken from a cadaver.

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