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Hello! I have a question on Jesus’ resurrection (and by circumstance, The Virgin Mary’s supposed sinlessnes) I was taught that Jesus rose from the dead because he was sinless, and sin is why humans die, so he rose again because he was the only person to EVER abstain from sinning and therefore was the only person not worthy of death. This also explains why we have salvation, as (among other things) Jesus bore the burden of death for us, even though he was without sin. So, assuming this is the catholic view (which i assume it isn’t) then why didn’t the Virgin Mary also rise from the dead?


She went straight to heaven and it is celebrated on August 15 every year.


Oh. Well there’s my answer. Sorry about complexity of the question, It’s just hard to look up such a question on the internet.


That being said, the Blessed Mother was conceived without sin, which we call, “The Immaculate Conception.”

However, Mary also needed salvation and God gave her this gift in anticipation of Jesus redeeming act.



It is impossible to ask a question if you don’t know that there could be an answer to the question. Knowing what kinds of words that are needed when searching/asking is sometimes harder than asking the question itself.

Sometimes I just miss teaching. 5-6-year-olds I nick named the “Question kids”.


The short, somewhat funny answer (given the question) is that Catholic teaching is that after Mary finished her Earthly life God assumes her into Heaven, body and soul, meaning she also has been resurrected.

Jesus ascended to Heaven. Jesus is God. A distinction is made with Mary, she was assumed into Heaven. God “lifted her up.” I don’t think it is correct to say that this was due to her having never sinned, but rather an expression of God’s love for his mother and one of his greatest works.


Christ rose from the dead because he was the Son of God, sinless in his humanity, but God is his divinity.


She was not God. If she was to be assumed to heaven, it was because God who willed it so.


Jesus did not rise from the dead because he was sinless. He rose from the dead to conquer sin and death, and to open the gates of heaven to the righteous.

Mary was conceived without Original Sin in her mother Anna’s womb. That means from the moment of conception she was free from sin. She also did not ever commit any sins during her life.

That is why we refer to her as All-holy, immaculate, most blessed and glorified Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary.

When her earthly life was over Jesus brought her to heaven, body and soul.

St. Joseph, one of the greatest saints, took care of both the Son of God, and his all-holy Mother - what a truly blessed man to care for these two.

God bless your inquiry and searching for the Truth - which is, at its core, a search for Jesus,
Deacon Christopher


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