JESUS,scroll and old hebrew question


Has anyone ever heard of a scroll written in Old Hebrew in the bible?
It came to me in a dream. The dream was Jesus asked me to come sit next to him on a stone wall and he showed me an old scroll in his left hand saying that its the,“old word”.
Mind you, he never speaks a word its all being put into my mind what he is saying like telepathy.
He shows the old scroll and it slowly unrolls and I saw the writing on it and it came to me that it was "old Hebrew"
I told him that I did not understand it but he told me,“don’t worry,you will” then after he says that to me I look over to my right and 3 rings, like energy rings fly towards me and each one hit me without me feeling them but they were 3.

I woke up after that.
Anyone know anything about The “old word” and “old hebrew”??


Hi Charlie:

Have you talked to a priest about your dreams?

Mark Wyatt


No. I never spoke to a priest about the dream, should I be worried?

Maybe I should speak to my pastor at my church.


Try both Storm. Cant hurt to get 2 views on this one.

Catholic Priests have a lot of experience with this kind of thing. I dont know how often members of your Church regularly have a personal confession type of relationship with your minister, but you can be sure a Catholic Priest does.

3 is usually always the Trinity.

The scroll stuff is likely the hebrew Scriptures or at least the first 5 books anyway.

What would be the point of Jesus telling you this? :shrug:

Dont you already accept the bible and the trinity? :confused:

Storm, you are a really nice poster and you know I always post on your threads if I see them, but why not take our advice when we do give it to you?:confused:


You gave me advice on this already???


“What is the point of why Jesus is telling me this”?
Im trying to find out. I hope in time that he reveals it to me.

"Dont I already accept the bible and the holy trinity?
Yes, I always have.


Dear Storm,

I could be wrong, but I think several posters here reccomended you to see a Priest about all this stuff before. I thought I did too.

There is nothing abnormal about having dreams, but you need to speak to someone about all this, because well, it would be a good thing to do considering all the things you have been experiencing lately.

Why not get to the bottom of it all sooner the better?:thumbsup:

PS let us know what your minister says about all this. And, if you see a priest what he says about it too.


This is the first time anyone ever mentioned to me to see a priest.

You say that there is nothing abnormal about having dreams, I agree but these type of dreams are not your everyday dreams so I cant put them into the just dreams catagory.

I will definitely ask my pastor at my church and find a priest and let you know what they say.


P.S, have you ever had dreams like this??


Not quite like yours no.

But, I have had dreams about being in Hell.


Being in HELL!!! CRIPES!!!
what did that dream mean???


To pray for the souls in Purgatory
To have compassion for the lost the scared and lonely and those who hate, by realizing my own actions could have contributed to that person’s hate
To know God is a Just God
To know that there will be many in Hell
Hardly anyone thinks about Hell anymore, or speaks about it maybe that is why it happened.

But, that is only my speculation on it. I could write for days about it, but I rather spend my time being a disciple of Jesus. :thumbsup:

Speaking of which, the boss is calling me into prayer for you now.:signofcross:


Wow! deep! Cant imagine what that must have been like!

"Speaking of which, the boss is calling me into prayer for you now"



Religious content in dreams does not necessarily mean that they have a religious source. If it was supposed to mean something, something divine, then you would either already know it or you WILL know it because the Boss will see to it that you “get it.”

Don’t worry about it.


Old Hebrew letters look quite different from the modern script you see in Jewish books.
The language is also rather different from the modern Hebrew of the State of Israel. Modern Hebrew is full of English loan words, and is moving towards an English concept of grammar, with few or no new Semitic roots being coined.

Old Hebrew was written in scrolls. The book hinge was invented in the Dark Ages.


THANK YOU!! I mean I appreciated all the other answers I was getting but no one was able to answer the question itself.

Thanks you again!


Never worried but want to know about Old hebrew and the old word.

never worried.



I have had dreams before where I’ve seen things in the Bible that aren’t really there. I put it down to my subconscious brain trying to make sense of stuff it thinks is important, and Bible reading being something I have spent a lot of time doing and consider to be important.

Can I ask a much simpler question - do you read the Bible or pray immediately before going to bed? If so, can I suggest maybe you switch to doing this in the morning or after dinner, and do something more mundane before going to bed so that your brain has time to digest everything you’ve been meditating on before shutting down for sleep.

Be careful, lest you end up becoming the next Joseph Smith :eek: :rotfl:


On the other hand, maybe the ‘old’ Hebrew and ‘old’ Word refer to the Church that can trace its’ roots all the way back to Christ himself, the Septuagint Bible as the Apostles would have known it, and the teaching that has been True since the beginning of the ages? :wink: :signofcross:


Joseph Smith?? :confused:

Hi! im not really worried about the dream but the things in the dream itself. I ve always believed that when you sleep is when you are truly awake the soul is not blinded by conciousness.

I just feel that he is showing me something and he gave me a hint. It may not be the secret of life but its something.




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