Jesus' Second Coming


I’ve read on several sites that a Cardinal said Jesus might not return after all. Truth or hoax?


Fake. The quote comes from a satirical site called Waterford Whispers. It’s a joke.


Are a you sure? I’ve read about it on a bunch of sites and only one refutation, by Re. Joseph Osei-Bonsu. Who is he and is he legit?



None of the 216 Cardinals bear the name Giorgio Salvadore.

The official spokesperson of the Vatican is Fr Federico Lombardi.


Hello. When confronting something like this, turn to the Catechism (since you are Catholic).
Pargraph 671 states:
"Though already present in his Church, Christ’s reign is nevertheless yet to be fulfilled “with power and great glory” by the King’s return to earth.[sup]557[/sup] This reign is still under attack by the evil powers, even though they have been defeated definitively by Christ’s Passover.[sup]557[/sup] Until everything is subject to him, “until there be realized new heavens and a new earth in which justice dwells, the pilgrim Church, in her sacraments and institutions, which belong to this present age, carries the mark of this world which will pass, and she herself takes her place among the creatures which groan and travail yet and await the revelation of the sons of God.”[sup]559[/sup] That is why Christians pray, above all in the Eucharist, to hasten Christ’s return by saying to him:[sup]560[/sup] Marana tha! “Our Lord, come!”[sup]561[/sup]
That, my friend, is the Truth.


Let me put it this way. If we’ve started believing that Jesus will never return we should no longer be reciting the Creed. :wink:


Do you think that He just changed His mind?


Yippie! No judgement day.


Do you really think that if the Church were to throw out the Creed (“He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead…”) that it would be done through rumors and blog sites?

Does the Church have to refute every ridiculous statement that someone might make and if there isn’t an official denial we should believe them?


I would think that if it was a hoax, I’d be able to find something saying so on the Internet other than the one I mentioned before…:shrug:


Jesus said He’d return soon and soon was a long time ago.
1)Why isn’t there anything online debunking this except for the one person I mentioned last night, and

  1. is he a credible source?

  2. why hasn’t Jesus come soon like He said He will?


These questions have already been answered on here. You just don’t like the answers. People will believe what they want and you seem bent on that, but be very careful when you stubbornly believe and spread falsehoods about Catholic Doctrine, we are all responsible for discernment when it comes to making statements publicly about the Church from suspect sources.


Questions 2 and 3 were not answered. Neither was question 1.


I already answered 2. There is no such Cardinal with that name in the Catholic Church. There is a Cardinal with a similar name but it’s not him. For example the statement was made by Robert Peter Spencer, there is no Cardinal with that name. There is a Cardinal Spencer Peters.

All Official Statements from the Vatican regarding faith matters are made by Fr Federico Lombardi. If a statement regarding faith is not made by him then it did not come from the Vatican, therefore it is not Official Catholic Teaching.

Think about it. The statement “Jesus will not return” basically changes Doctrine. Catholic Doctrine does not change. Ever. Nobody on earth (including the Pope) has the power to change Doctrine. That is why people on here find taking the statement seriously hilarious.

Why waste time and effort believing or defending a false statement? People may as well believe that Mel Gibson speaks for the Vatican.

Regarding Christ’s return, it depends on how you define ‘soon’. Some people believe the earth was made in 7days literally. All the Catholics I know including the current and last 2 Popes believe that ‘theistic evolution’ is responsible for humanity. If that is the case 7days for God turns out to be millions of years in human terms. Time for us is different.

The Catholic Church has never proclaimed a time or date for his return. It has only stated Doctrine that Christ will return. We leave that to others like the SDA’s who have made a couple of date predictions over the years.


:thumbsup:sg, our first represenitive of jesus tells us this. {I already answered 2. There is no such Cardinal with that name in the Catholic Church. There is a Cardinal with a similar name but it’s not him. For example the statement was made by Robert Peter Spencer, there is no Cardinal with that name. There is a Cardinal Spencer Peters.

God Bless


:thumbsup:SG,2 Peter 3

8 But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Read more:

God Bless All


Care to share the sites with us?


Check the site where this all originated and see the full article.

The Vatican would not word it like this:

The Vatican defended Jesus’ broken promise, claiming “he was probably drinking wine” at the time when he made the comments.

“Having the ability to turn water into wine had its ups and its downs.” added Cardinal Salvadore. “We all make promises we can’t keep when we’re drunk. Jesus was no different.”
The church said it will now focus attentions on rebuilding its reputation around the world, but will keep an optimistic mind for the savior’s second coming.

Or…oh, wait. It’s because of the i-Phone, according to the website.

JESUS CHIRST has postponed his second coming today after hearing news of a possible Apple I-Phone 5 launch in the coming weeks.
The only son of God said he will defer his decision to return to the earth until further notice and wishes Apple all the best with their launch.

It also boasts news like this:

Government To Privatise Air With Oxygen Meters To Be Fitted In Every Home By 2018

Under a new scheme to tackle air wastage, Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan confirmed the first roll out of the new meter to take place late next year, and will cost the taxpayer in the region of €45bn euro.
Irish Water have already been lined up for the privatisation, calling the sister company ‘Irish Are’.

“There is far too much vital oxygen being wasted in this country.” advised Mr. Hogan. “People take it for granted and we need to be more careful about how we use it in the home. After some consideration, we have decided to limit the amount of air being used, and the only way we can do that is to charge for it.”

Or there’s the article that the Church is coming out as gay.

THE VATICAN announced today that the Catholic church is gay and its decision to ‘come out of the closet’ is set to take the religious world by storm.

Or this:

The latest PR coup for Pope Francis has seen him hire famous and revered children’s author JK Rowling to rewrite the Bible. It is hoped the author, most famous for her Harry Potter series, can make it more accessible and believable for a new generation of Catholics and Christians.

Funny that so many want to take and run with the “Second Coming” story without mentioning the other stories, which would prove the site is about satire.

Seriously, read the site it started in. You’ll figure out very quickly what kind of website it is. You can find it here, as someone else posted:


Ok, thanks. :slight_smile:


No new Jerusalem. The marriage supper has been cancelled. God will dwell apart from men. Mourning and crying and pain and tears and death will continue…

Bummer. :frowning:


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