Jesus simultaneous divine and human knowledge


If during Jesus’ earthly days a person came up and asked Him what is the distance from the earth to the moon, would this cause a quandary? How would it be possible for his divine nature to know the answer, but his human nature to not know simultaneously?


I’m no expert here, but I think God the Father would have had to have revealed the answer to that question to Jesus for him to have that knowledge. Since no one at the time had the answer we have today, it would have had to have been revealed to him directly and not through other people (for instance Joseph).


Imagine - people - not so long ago - didn’t think the Earth was round !
That you could fall off - if you traveled long enough.


I believe everything revealed to Jesus was through the Father when He wanted and how He wanted it to be revealed. When Jesus needed to know something particular it was revealed to Him. Like when he was in the temple as a young child it says He grew in wisdom. The Father made that possible as needed, is what I believe.


So Jesus did not have omniscience?


Can’t Jesus just know the distance.


“is what I believe.”

Just my own personal opinion nothing official.


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