Jesus, the cure for Sleep Paralasys


I've been investigating a symptom called "sleep paralasys" lately and was shocked to learn the best method of getting rid of it was calling on the name of Jesus Christ. Sleep Paralasys (which I'm sure I'm spelling wrong,) is when you become paralyzed in your R.E.M. stage of sleep and begin to hallucinate and see evil entities. Sometimes, people will wake up caught in their R.E.M. stage and continue to hallucinate while being awake! Throughout the centuries, people have explained sleep paralasys as "a demon sitting on your shoulders and chest" or "the presesnce of a demon" or some other stuff like that. Of course, there are scientific explanations to these thhings but alot of people who have had(past-tense) sleep paralasys and believe it was the presence of demons, and say when they called on Christ they were immediately cured of such events taking place. They also say that the medication they give you, and the guesswork of scientific explanations only make it worse. But for those who accept the side of science say they still struggle with sleep paralasys. I'll be back this afternoon to post some videos on this subject.


thanks for the info! that's interesting... I heard that prayer in general really helps here, either saying the name of Our Lord or praying the Hail Mary etc... God bless


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thanks for the info! that's interesting... I heard that prayer in general really helps here, either saying the name of Our Lord or praying the Hail Mary etc... God bless


Ditto. :D


Here are those video links. I recommend them over my grammer and spelling aboninations:


Interestingly, I never experienced sleep paralysis until I turned away from my very secular life and to God. While I was in the process of converting and for some years afterwards, I continued to experienced this. I found that calling on the Lord's name was the only thing that kept whatever it was at bay.

I also think about the fact that sleep paralysis is actually a different state of conciousness. I think that this different state allows us to be aware of the spiritual realm in a way that is not accessible to our ordinary conciousness. I personally believe that we do experience the presence of the demons that are always there trying to 'get us', trying to tempt us away from God, or frighten us away from Him.

Why else would the reaction be so universal around the world, no matter the faith of the person affected? Why wouldn't we experience something good during our 'waking dreams' since sufferers do not universally have nightmares just before the 'waking dream'? If our dream was normal, why would it result in this feeling of the presence of overpowering evil?


I have had several episodes of sleep paralysis, though the last one occurred several years ago. But I have never had any hallucinations or feelings of any sort of presence or entities. This is actually the first I have heard of anything like this. Very interesting though.

My experience with sleep paralysis was basically just a feeling of fear. The fear was not due to any sort of demonic presence but simply the lack of ability to fully wake up. I do agree that this is a different state of consciousness however. I think the "dreamworld" we access during R.E.M. sleep is indeed another plane of existence and sleep paralysis is simply the rapid merging of the conscious world with the dreamworld. It can be scary because you aren't sure what is going on. Again, I have never had any run-ins with entities in this state of consciousness but it would certainly make sense to me. And I cannot imagine calling on the name of Jesus during moments like these could ever be a problem!


According to my doctor, sleep paralysis is caused by disrupted sleep. For example, I didn’t start having problems with it until I began working a 5 am job, but continued going to bed late and just took long naps in the afternoon.

Although I agree that the thought of our Lord is comforting in any situation, and I would never discourage anyone from calling out to him in times of fear or distress, I’d suggest you try getting into a regular pattern of a full night’s sleep. It’s really good for you. And Jesus can help if you’re having trouble sleeping!


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