Jesus: The Lost Years - Writer Producer Paul Perry

****Has anyone seen this documentary about the life of Jesus between the time Mary and Joseph hid from Herod’s soldier and during his childhood. It’s based on much oral tradition as well as some artifacts that are found in old churches, ect…Kind of plays out like a mystery, but based on research.

Has anyone seen it?

Is this okay to watch as a Catholic?

Sounds a little bit better than most films of this genre…

It looks like the Pat Robertson channel is going to show it

I don’t think they would show something that is morally offensive or is heretical…you can look at the people on this website that give it testimonals…but I haven’t heard of them

I don’t think its a Davinci code type thing

Thanks, looks interesting, I think we just need to watch and be discerning…

Do you know when it will be shown?

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