Jesus The Representative

I have a question that bothers me, i would appreciate some answers. The question is: how can we be represented before God by Adam, ourselves and Jesus.
Adam represented us in Fall of men, we represent ourselves( have personal sins), and Jesus represents us in Redemption. I can’t understand how can we be represented by more than one person. Why couldnt God just say “hey if you accept Jesus as your saviour all your sins will not count, as Jesus represents you, whatever you have done does not count because you dont represent yourself and The Law does not apply to you”. Then Jesus wouldnt have to die, because we would have no sins, only live a perfect life as our representative.

The flaw in your assertion is that having Jesus as our representative means that The Law, or the Moral Law, does not apply to us; and that Adam somehow represents us… Christ will certainly advocate for us to the Father, but that advocacy must be accepted. We cannot live a life of unrepentant sin (a.k.a, rejection of God) and then expect ourselves to turn on a dime and accept God (Christ’s advocacy and mercy) simply because we’ve died.

You’re entire argument precludes the reality of free will, and the fact that we make chose for god, or against Him.

Heaven is spending an eternity in the direct, unfiltered presence of God. For those who love God and seek to follow Him, this is paradise. To those who reject Him, this is a worse torment than Hell. It is hard to understand for us in this state, I agree, but this is the reality of the situation.

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