Jesus to sister Menendez: Tepidity IS WORSE THAN ACTUAL SIN!

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Hey, that’s a fantastic site, and I really love that page! Thank you, I bookmarked that.:slight_smile:

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I love ‘‘The Way of Divine Love" by Josefa Menendez’’ - it’s my favorite book ever, and one that I keep reading over and over. Other than the Bible, this book has influenced and changed my life more than any other. I’d highly recommend it to everyone.

Thank you so very much. Very inspiring. I wish to offer my pain, work. and sacrifices to Jesus for the good of souls. God bless you abundantly.

Save’s the best for the last…

‘Souls run to perdition, and My Blood is lost for them. But souls that love Me are sacrificing and consuming themselves as victims of reparation, and they draw down God’s mercy, and that is what saves the world.’


Sorry for nitpicking, but there is nothing worse than sin. NOTHING. Tepidity as being described by Sr. Josefa Menendez is the sin of sloth or accedia, which really is a very serious sin because it is a form of despair, one of the unforgiveable sins against the Holy Spirit.

Tepidity… isnt that lukewarm water? Or in Synonyms: 1. moderate, mild. 2. unemotional, halfhearted, apathetic.

Despair, we’ve all been there, to deny it, is to tell a lie… You wouldnt lie to me would you? Your a Nun!?

Forgive me Sister, but I’ve Sinned, I’ve Sinned a Lot!


The pertinent passage reads:

“The case is the same for a soul that has been faithful to the observance of My law from childhood, but who has gradually cooled off into the tepid and unspiritual ways of an easy life. She has so to say forgotten her soul and its higher aspirations. God was asking of her greater efforts, but blinded by habitual failings, she has fallen into tepidity worse than actual sin, for her deaf and drowsy conscience neither feels remorse nor hears the voice of God.”

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, “Sloth…is an oppressive sorrow, which, to wit, so weighs upon man’s mind, that he wants to do nothing; thus acid things are also cold.” He goes on to say that sloth is “sorrow in the Divine good about which charity rejoices” (charity being the virtue to love God, and to love others for His sake) (source). By looking at the two authors, we can see that they are talking of the same thing.

Now what is the sin of despair? The sin of despair (which is different from the passion of despair) is the lack of trust in God’s mercy and power, which is against the virtue of hope. Despair is one of the “unforgiveable sins against the Holy Spirit” because it renders the sinner not even able to receive God’s mercy for the forgiveness of sin, nor receive His power to rise up from his failures. St. Thomas Aquinas says despair can arise from sloth ( Now read what Sr. Josefa Menendez said: “but blinded by habitual sins…”

And no I’m not a nun :smiley:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, figs or thistles?

In her last hour she held onto her faith so I guess that something, although from the way there’s a photo of her clutching a Broom, I would say her entire faith wasnt completely filled with the word of “Christ” or as Freemasons would say Pharaoh “Cesarean” surprising how when you compair the Biblical text to the ancient text’s of Egyptian long dead pharaohs you can find a lot of similarities… Especially the teachings of the P’Tah Hotep… But I guess that’s neither here nor there although the scolars will wax lyrical… (witchcraft pun) on that final score…

Blinded by habitual sin, now that would have been something interesting to see… :wink:

In other-words they all couldnt help it, after they’d finished buggering the Cloister, they all went down the Pub! :thumbsup:



How charitable and christian of you… You mean it caused offense… Oh dear, so sad is the non-charitable heart that can find no Joy, so sad art thou who can not illume some humor at God’s expense… Because you know he teaches you to be forgiving and non-judgemental right… But straight away, I’m going to report you for being an out spoken believer in his charity and good will… How charitable, how faithful and least I say it how, erm… ever so …Kind…

Good lord what is the world comming to when you cant point out the genuine facts, without people taking instant offense… Oh wait the comment about habitual sin. Then clarify for me what is Sinful… You cant… The very suggestion makes the mind race with ideology that you cant accept…

But at least some of us have a liberal mind, she spoke hers and I spoke mine… :blush:


:rotfl: Wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed, as you said in your post.

Unfortunately, we are neither liberal nor conservative, we are Catholic, and we are not nice people who will roll over with your accusations of being not liberal. Well, roll over with laughter probably. We will NOT tolerate such language in these forums. You were insinuating something when you said “although from the way there’s a photo of her clutching a Broom”, and I do hope for your future stay here you will refrain from saying what it is. Also, I am sure “In other-words they all couldnt help it, after they’d finished buggering the Cloister, they all went down the Pub!” can be worded differently.

If you want to speak about ideologies, go to the Apologetics forum or the Non-Catholic Religions forum.

Clarify it, vilify it, show me the Sin… (show me the money!)

Sin is in the eye’s of the Beholder sweet-cheeks! Sin is everywhere but if you lived your entire life in fear of Sin then nothing would be achieved anywhere… Sin both original and imaginary can account for a lot of the world as you know it… Kid’s concieved in Sin, Husbands and Wive’s living in Sin, wasnt it Paul the Apostle in corinthians whom said: “All women should wear the Vail to cover and hide there Shame!” yes he was a bit of a sexist chovanist pig! Because now when the people preaching ISLAM come to your shores saying the same thing your all up in there face with… Nah!

Your Catholic, really, then go hide your shame Woman! :wink:

That’ll teach you not to be so swift to Judge the merits of the Book you hold dear!

Dusty old book’s, written by dirty old men… Girls in a Mini-skirt these days, have them running for the confessional… “Forgive me and my impure thoughts dad!” Couldnt help it everytime I saw them the skirt got smaller and the boot’s went higher… Sigh, at least the Carpenter and the Fisherman got it right, live the simple life and want for naught!


I refuse to derail this thread further, if you want to discuss more then start a new thread in the appropriate forum. Otherwise, I (and I think others too) will deem you a troll.

That is purely your choice, you engaded me, not me engaing you, you responded to me, not me responding to you… So if I am a troll-lol-lol-lol then I am guilty…

BTW there’s a really good icelandic film called Troll… You should see it!

`Demon’s … haa! What can you tell me about demons?

There are 6’666’666’666 legions in the ranks of hell and the commanders and sub-liutenants are all well known and known by name too…

And those ranks grow daily, every-time an investment banker who’s put a family on the street and then later does a nose dive out of a five story window because it all “jus became too much!” they’re condemned because 1 they lacked any faith at all, 2 they welcomed adversity just that little bit too much… Charon is the Boatman across the river of Styx and when you die, they still place a penny or two on your eyeballs or in your hand to pay the ferryman - on your way to heaven or on your way to hell.

The deal is is, you’ll never know where your going, until you finally arrive!

Now I would love to imagine I will be blessed and make my way into heaven, but the likelyhood is, oh yeah, I’m going to ROAST in hell…

Dont complain just live with it! :blush:

Are you accusing Our Lord of lying?

There’s actual sin, the opposite of which must be something non-sin.


To be honest I have no opinion on the veracity of Sr. Josefina Menendez’s private revelation. All I can say is that if it really was God who talked to Sr. Menendez, then she would have mistaken His words because He cannot go against the teachings of His Church.

We are not required to believe in any apparitions nor private revelations:

“Although an assent of Catholic faith may not be given to revelations thus approved, still, an assent of human faith, made according to the rules of prudence, is due them; for according to these rules such revelations are probable and worthy of pious credence… it is possible to refuse to accept such revelations and to turn from them, as long as one does so with proper modesty, for good reasons, and without the intention of setting himself up as a superior.” Pope Benedict XIV, De Serv. Dei Beatif.

Not really, the opposite of sin is love of God.

Sin is not something; it is rather a lack of something, like darkness is not something but rather a lack of light. Sin is a deliberate turning away from God’s love.

Are you stupid? I said the opposite must be non-sin. Is love sin or non-sin?

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