Jesus tomb film scholars backtrack

Jesus tomb film scholars backtrack

Several prominent scholars who were interviewed in a bitterly contested documentary that suggests that Jesus and his family members were buried in a nondescript ancient Jerusalem burial cave have now revised their conclusions, including the statistician who claimed that the odds were 600:1 in favor of the tomb being the family burial cave of Jesus of Nazareth, a new study on the fallout from the popular documentary shows.

The dramatic clarifications, compiled by epigrapher Stephen Pfann of the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem in a paper titled “Cracks in the Foundation: How the Lost Tomb of Jesus story is losing its scholarly support,” come two months after the screening of The Lost Tomb of Christ that attracted widespread public interest, despite the concomitant scholarly ridicule.

The film, made by Oscar-winning director James Cameron and Emmy-winning Canadian filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, prompted major criticism from both a leading Israeli archeologist involved in the original dig at the site as well as Christian leaders, who were angered over the documentary’s contradictions of main tenets of Christianity.

There’s a shock, the whole thing turned out to be a pile of, uh, fertiliser.

What a surprise!

I think a lot of the general public knew that the documentary was mostly BS. Good to know that the scholars are dissenting from it also.

This took too long. Gosh.

Heh…The other words were censored, huh?

This message board won’t let Catholics be Catholics! :wink:

I always enjoy watching science prove Catholicism right.

Notice how the media dropped the topic pretty quickly? They knew it was bogus. My husband was watching Italian TV (the RAI channel) one night when a panel of experts were discussing the “find.” They said that the tomb dated to 70 A.D. and was a day’s walking distance from Golgotha.

lol…Jesus’s followers must have had quite a bit of energy to carry Him all the way over there and still get back in time for the Sabbath.

Not to mention they “hid” him away secretly and then put his name on the ossuary. :rolleyes:

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