Jesus was 36 when he died



So I was reading an issue of “This Rock” online while I had free time at work, and I discovered something:

According to one article (I’ll have to hunt it up), the reason there’s no contradiction between the Synoptic Gospels and John’s Gospel about whether Passover was on a Friday or a Saturday was because during that year (the author explained some things about the calendar being off a little bit) Passover fell on a Friday, but in some places it would be celebrated on a Saturday, etc.

That’s not what got me. What got me was the author’s math about the calendar.

According to what he stated, Jesus Christ was about 6 years old when the year 0 Gregorian time hit. There was more about the dates, but it seems that Jesus started his ministry at the age of 33!

So rather than dying at 33, he died at 36.

Which kind of puts things into perspective. I’ve been upset because I feel my vocation is to marry and raise children, but I haven’t found anyone yet. One of my best friends is frustrated because she’s about my age but hasn’t been able to find a solid career like she wanted to. Another wants to write but has always had difficulty with time. We’ve been feeling like time is slipping away from us, and I’m betting anything that other people on this forum feel the same way.

And yet, here it is, Jesus waited (living at home with his parents, if I understand the Gospels correctly) until he was 33 before jumping head first into his ministry. He didn’t start what he was called to do until he was fully mature, and he didn’t die until he was close to middle age.

I don’t feel so down about not being married yet, I’ll tell you.


You’d have to hunt that article up. The Georgian Calendar didn’t come into effect until 1582 after Pope Gregory VIII made the decree. Before hand the Julian Calendar was in effect. In fact the U.S (when the they were colonies) didn’t adopt the Georgian Calendar until 1752 I believe. I highly doubt this article is factual.


Luke 3:23

When Jesus began his ministry he was about thirty years of age.

As we don’t know his exact age he might have been 36 when he died or younger. We just know he was about 30 when his ministry began. That could mean anything up to 33 or even late 20’s.


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