Jesus was begotten in Eternity correct?

Jesus was begotten in Eternity correct? I have been reading up on the relationship of the Trinity. What I have read says that Jesus was begotten of the Father from all Eternity. It seems after the Catholic doctrine I have been reading that the Father was the first cause and because of Father’s love overflowing the Son was begotten in Eternity. By this theological explanation, to me it seems that Jesus was not created by hand as in specifically hand made/created by God the Father. Unlike how God places our soul in us because of our human cooperation in the marital act. We are specifically created bodily by us and soul by God. But it seems by this theology that Jesus was “caused” at some point in Eternity itself because of the overflowing love of the Father. And more theology would also point to that this revolving love is the Holy Spirit and since God is constantly growing and since God Himself is infinite the Son is flourished in Eternity “formally”. Then after the Trinity was established compeletly with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit then creation was created. What are everyones thoughts on this? And please point me to any possible theological explanation and more importantly Catholic doctrine.

Because at face value it would appear that Jesus is God because He was not created in time itself but was “caused” by the Father in eternity. And since this happened in eternity the cause of Jesus was unique in this manner and He was not created, as in Jesus Himself was not hand made by the Father specifically. It would seem that the overflowing love caused the Son into existence in Eternity itself. So it would appear that there was a point in eternity that Jesus did not formally exist but His consciousness was there dwelling within the Father because of the Fathers infinite knowledge and then eventually grew fully into Jesus. Of coarse this would take but an instant to happen since this would be occurring in eternity.

Let me clarify I am fully Catholic and accept the doctrine of the Trinity as is. However, as human understanding grows speculations are made and then they are either declared truth or declared heresy to the faith. But the only way for development to flourish is to delve deeper into the faith. This would, with some people, present a temptation against the faith. That is why theology must be carefully analyzed. I am just trying to delve deeper into the theology of the Trinity as much as humanly possible. And again please do not attack me as a heretic. I simply am looking into theology.

There was not a time when the Son did not exist, nor when the Father did not exist, nor when the Holy Spirit did not exist. Jesus’ human body, however, was conceived at a certain point in time in His Mother’s womb. We cannot say “in an instant”, though, in reference to the begetting of the Son and the Holy Spirit because that is a word denoting time, and there is no time in eternity. All three Persons of the Trinity are eternally existent.

Of course, this is a complete Mystery, and we cannot even begin to comprehend this, nor understand it. Our words and theology are inadequate, and any attempt is pitiful and bound to fail.

Awesome. These are my thoughts as well. And indeed it is a mystery beyond our comprehension.

Correction to the term “God is constantly growing”. God is already perfect so this does not make sense. I simply meant infinite and that is it. Because “Infinite” in our human terms sometimes would insinuate constant growth, this is why I mistakenly said this. But God is already infinite so He is already perfect. I just re-read that part of my post and wanted to clarify.

Because words like beget and proceed come into it, which are approximate and allusive, doesn’t mean confinement to what we understand as time and space, indeed I think the “dimensions” are something or things significantly different from this.

In the “measure” you give it shall be “measured” out to you, in other words in God’s economy something more - enough to catechise the 5,000 plus twelve baskets to evangelise the nations - comes out of less - three loaves and two fishes which a boy was not prominent enough to offer solely on his own initiative (he had to have them bring him forward as well).

God’s economy (statistics) are very giving. Dimensions we know rejoice in their given-ness.

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