"Jesus was non denominational"

An evangelical I know was concerned about having thier 4 year old attened another
Neighbors house that is Jewish to attened a Hanakah party

And I said well Jesus was Jewish

They responded no Jesus was non denominational

Then I went into how Hanakah is in the book of Macabees and an historical celebration that Christians can embrace

They continued to look at me like I was from a different planet

I think you have to say Jesus was Christian. He clearly accepted that he was God, the son of God, and the source of all salvation. Not to mention he was baptized.

If that doesn’t make you Christian, I don’t know what does.

God Bless


The responses so far are interesting in that they obviously reflect the religious point-of-view of the writer. I would agree with the OP that Jesus was a Jew (I really didn’t think that was debatable), as were his core Apostles. He was certainly not “non-denominational”; unless that is meant in the sense that Jesus attracted and embraced people of all kinds of faiths and beliefs and irrespective of their standing within their faith.

Comment regarding the baptism of Jesus. When that occurred, no one was being baptized as a “Christian” since there was no such thing at that point. The people John was baptizing were being called to repentance, to change their lives, not to become members of a certain religion. And Jesus was not a “Christian”, but his followers and disciples were, or become such in time (which I would date as following the Resurrection).

Aw jeeze…

Very credible response.
The Last Supper was Christ celebrating the Passover as we all know. He was clearly Jewish, and came to fulfill the law. Which He did.

Although Jesus was Jewish, almost all of the traditions about Hanukkah come from the Talmud, not the book of Maccabees.

In Early Christianity though, all Christians were Jewish people following Christ. They were even defined as a Christian Jew.


Regardless, a Catholic is never permitted to celebrate Hanukkah with Jews. That equates to worshipping idols and heresy.

Also consider that Christian means that ones is a follower of Christ, and Christ being Christ, doesn’t follow himself, but leads.

Keep on trolling with that anti-Semitic nonsense buddy. How is it idol worship when we worship the same God?


Can you cite some authoritative source for this please?

What idols do the Jews worship?

How would it be heresy to celebrate a holiday of our ancestors in faith?

There’s your problem right there. I don’t think Macabees is in the Protestant bible.

  1. God gave us the 10 Commandments
  2. Jesus is God and therefore never sins
  3. Therefore, he follows the 10 Commandments, notably “Thou shalt have no false gods before me”
  4. Jesus is Jewish, as seen at the Last Supper, which was celebrating Passover
  5. Let us suppose God is not YHWH.
  6. Being Jewish, Jesus would have worshiped YHWH
  7. By point 5, Jesus would be breaking the First Commandment
  8. This contradicts point 2, that Jesus is God and never sins
  9. Therefore, God must be the same God as Judaism


It actually specifically mentions Jesus participating in Passover in the Bible (The Last Supper HELLO)
In fact, my parish has a Seder to celebrate Passover.
I don’t see how that would be okay, but Hanukkah wouldn’t

Correct. Maccabees is also missing from the Jewish canon. But Hanukkah is mentioned in the Gospel. Several commentaries discuss this (scroll down on this page)


Messianic Jew David Stern even translates “feast of dedication” as Hanukkah in his New Testament translation.

Since Jesus actually celebrated Hanukkah, it doesn’t seem inappropriate for us to accept an invitation to a social gathering hosted by a Jewish family.

Yes - I’m interested in the answer to this one too…


So now I am thouroughly confused! In the answer that you sent us too, it says that we as Catholic Christians are not true to Jesus’ teachings because we only follow Christianity and not Judism also. So are Catholics basically the same as Protestants in that we are not fullfilling the whole life as Jesus wanted us to? I hope that is not too confusing!

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