Jesus - 'Wine-Guzzling Vagrant and Socialist'"

Parents Pull Son Out of New Hampshire School Over Assigned Book That Refers to Jesus as ‘Wine-Guzzling Vagrant and Socialist’

"A New Hampshire couple has pulled their son out of his local high school after the teen was assigned a book that refers to Jesus Christ as a “wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist.”

Aimee Taylor says her oldest son, 16-year-old Jordan Henderson, was required to read “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America,” this fall for Bedford High School’s personal finance class."

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I read about this in my local paper today (I am from NH).

I am disgusted at what the writer wrote. I support the parents for pulling their kid out.

Setting aside my own personal revulsion for the writer (whose other economical ideas I despise) the teacher should have the right to assign what the class reads. That means both ideas on the far left, like the ideas this writer endorses, and the opposing views.

I read that the teacher wanted the students to understand poverty. What is bothersome is teaching people that being poor means one thinks a certain way. My niece told me that she studied how rich people think versus how the poor think. I don’t remember specifically, but this book is a good example of false deductions about the poor. Your son, could read the book, and give an intelligent review of it, using his own mind. But, he is supposed to read the book. It seems that books, similar in type, about the hardships of the working class, are available and may even been recommended for Christians. Certainly not every book gets a good review. Was the author truly anti-christian? That seems to be the bias that has confounded your son. I would agree that reading a book by someone who is against Christ would be a waste of my time! You can read a book by someone of some other religion, and be aware of it, finding some reason to want the story from that person. This particular story reminds me of one written about being black for a day. Rather read a book written by someone who had been poor, or who is black, if that is the story needed. Maybe, finally, the teacher would allow a different book, with that standard, of first hand experience! I read a good one about a fellow who lived out the depression in Toledo, Ohio, was adopted, moved to Fremont, and did HS there, etc. Neat read … Christian upbringing which was harder because of poverty.

What is really encouraging to me about this is that is was the son, not the parent, who intiailly declared he was done with this kinda ****. The kid should get a medal, its nice to see that there are some young people who are willing to draw a line in the sand for the faith and put thier foot down.

Very true. We have to take responsibility, somehow. I didn’t like that he went to his parents. … Unless it was a question of what school to attend. It would be different if the teacher had a bias. What are we doing, book banning here? Send your child to a catholic school! It doesn’t get any better with state colleges! Good time to give a lesson on how to care about that A grade, and be intelligent and faithful yet how to express your opinion to the teacher, in a normal fashion, within the assignment itself, or to the teacher respectfully. Kids don’t have respect for their elders. Communication is the key to it! You can catch more bees with honey, too.

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