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What was Jesus doing the 3 days he was “dead”. I heard He was teaching the Spirits. I heard he annointed Adam. Does anyone know? Is it in the bible and I just missed it? Thanks Jason


My understanding is that He was bringing the gospel to all those who had died in the past, thus opening the gates of heaven to them as well as to the living. But I can’t honestly tell you where I learned that. :slight_smile:


Found this site:
…thought it might help.

*The Fifth Article of the Apostle’s Creed

 Q. What is the fifth article?
A. He descended into hell, the third day he arose again from the dead.
 Q. What means, he descended into Hell?
A. It means, that as soon as Christ was dead, he descended into *Limbo,*     to free the holy fathers who were there.
 Q. How prove you that?
A. Out of *Acts* ii. 24, 27. 'Christ being slain, God raised him up     loosing the sorrows of hell, as it was foretold by the prophet,' *Psalm*     xv. 10. 'Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, nor wilt thou give thy Holy     One to see corruption.'
 Q. What other proof have you?
A. *Ephes.* iv. 8, 9. 'He ascending on high, hath led captivity     captive; he gave gifts to men; and that he ascended,' what is it but because     he descended into the lower parts of the earth?
 Q. Did he not descend to purgatory to free such as were there?
A. It is most probable he did according to 1 Pet. iii. 19, 20. 'Christ being     dead, came in spirit; and preached to them also that were in prison, who had     been incredulous in the days of Noah, when the ark was building.'
  Source: [***The   Douay Catechism***]("") (An Abridgment of the Christian Doctrine) of   1649, by Henry Tuberville, D.D., published by P. J. Kenedy, Excelsior Catholic   Publishing House, 5 Barclay Street, New York, approved and recommended for his   diocese by the Right Rev. Benedict, Bishop of Boston, April 24th, 1833, page   15.

…another answer within the site…

Q. 66. Is Limbo the same place as Purgatory?
A. Limbo is not the same place as Purgatory, because the souls in Purgatory suffer, while those in Limbo do not.
Q. 67. Who were in Limbo when Our Lord descended into it?
A. There were in Limbo when Our Lord descended into it the souls of all those who died the friends of God, but could not enter heaven till the Ascension of Our Lord.
Q. 403. Why did Christ descend into Limbo?
A. Christ descended into Limbo to preach to the souls who were in prison — that is, to announce to them the joyful tidings of their redemption.
Q. 404. Where was Christ’s body while His soul was in Limbo?
A. While Christ’s soul was in Limbo His body was in the holy sepulchre.

Source: The Baltimore Catechism #3


There is a passage in Peter mentioning him going to “prison” to preach to the souls there. This is interpreted as Limbo but some, where those who died before Jesus was alive but were fit for Heaven would wait.


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