Jesus's DNA

Did Jesus only have Mary’s DNA?

He’d have to.

There was no way for any other DNA to get into his zygote.

While there is a mystery as to how the XX female genes managed to become XY male, this is only the reverse of what happened with Adam and Eve (where male flesh became a female body).



Not only that, but as science has tried to catch up with what God has revealed to the Church, it has discovered fetal micro-chimerism. Living cells of the child are found in the mother’s brain, or elsewhere in her body. So, Mary, throughout her life, carried Jesus’ DNA in her body, as well. This squares quite well with the doctrine of her assumption into heaven.

It’s also quite possible that Jesus had Mary’s and “His own” DNA. There may not have been a physical impregnation, but there was still a conception, so there must have been some kind of sperm (even if it was miraculously created by God on the spot) to make the zygote.

Perhaps Jesus just had “God DNA”…

Nice idea; of course we can’t know.

I like the idea of our LORD, as the new Adam, of course, undergoing the reverse genetic conversion of the original Adam, though.


Good question! Yesterday I watched online documentary and claims of Ron Wyatt. He claims to have found the Ark of Noah and the Ark of the Covenant, the latter being under The Skull where Jesus was murdered and long story shorter, he had some of Jesus blood tested after miraculously being reconstituted and it had ONE Y chromosome. He has some fantastic claims but very little tangible proof. Or at least proof that can not be revealed until God tells him it is time to.

I would be curious to find out if any of the Eucharistic miracles where hosts have turned to blood or human tissue, have been DNA tested to see if they are identical.

SD, what is the “skull where Jesus was murdered” ??? What is that in reference to ?

The name Golgotha (Hebrew) or Calvary (Latin) for the hill of our LORD’s death, literally means place of the skull (in Latin, skull = calvarium).

It is conjectured that this was either due to the rock having a death’s-head shape, or to it being the location of a graveyard, and therefore skulls.

There is further a tradition that Adam’s grave, and therefore skull, lay at the foot of Calvary.


How does one sort through so many claims? What questions do they ask themselves when presented with this?

Let’s start with the claim that he had some of the blood of Jesus tested.

What do we know about the blood he had tested, and who tested it?

I like this.:thumbsup:

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Find some of His DNA and test it. If the Turin Shroud is genuine, then there will be His DNA in the bloodstains. Alternatively find another true relic, like the Holy Umbilicus, and do a DNA test on that.


In two instances in which I have knowledge, the Host turned red. DNA was taken as well as blood type. The DNA matched although the hosts were separated by 800 years. Blood Type AB positive.

Except that without His soma, (having been taken into Heaven), nor Mary’s (likewise), there is no living DNA to which to compare it.


Right. Without living samples of the both of them, we can’t determine just where and how Jesus’ DNA was different from Mary’s.

Honestly, I think this whole question is somewhat presumptuous, as it gives the idea that we humans are always capable, or even entitled, to know anything about God and Mary that we wish.

There are mysteries of the Church. They are mysteries for a reason. They will remain mysteries until our deaths (and some will remain mysteries unto eternity) unless God reveals them.

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