Jesus's face


I know this is going to sound stupid… but… it seems to be affecting my faith.

I seem to gather my information about people by what their face looks like, body type, hair length, but especially their face.

And, when i saw a “picture” of Jesus recently, it made me realise that the way i seem to interact with Him seems to be dependent on his face type, body type etc… So, when i see a “typical” picture of Him i get a “sense” of His personality (see how stupid this sounds?), and when i see a different kind of picture my perception of His personality changes.

This sounds so dumb, and i know He is with me right now, and i feel like a moron typing this as He is with me, but… I dont know what to do!!

Does anyone know what I am talking about?

Or even anything that could help!

Church Militant !! Help!!

In Christ.



Magicsilence, i wish you peace and calm. when a person paints a picture of Jesus, s/he paints Him how she sees Him. Your perception of Jesus changing with every different portrait you see is very normal. It is comparable to how if I told you a story about how Jesus had a short temper (cursing the fig tree and then in the temple), you may think He’s a mean guy, yet if the next person on here tells you the story about how He loved the children and cared for them, you would think He is a very caring and loving man. its all in the way you are presented something. do not let this worry you. He is with you, He loves you, and He has a million faces… maybe try and see Jesus in every person you see for the rest of the day. He comes to us how He knows we need to see Him. Blessings my friend.


St. Teresa of Avila had a picture of Christ that she looked on before going to sleep every night.

You need to have some idea of His face if you are going to meditate.

On another thread someone suggested this:


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