Jesus's "Wife" Papyrus

An excellent article in the Atlantic Magazine examines the provenance of the papyrus that was claimed to contain a reference to the wife of Jesus. Fascinating detective story on the sleazy character who apparently forged it:

After initially refusing to comment on it, the feminist scholar who first presented the papyrus to the public and scholars then reviewed the article and has now walked away from claiming that the papyrus was authentic:

Fascinating. I am glad that has been cleared up. Thank you very much for posting this. God bless you.

Why do you call her “the feminist scholar”?
The article you linked to does not describe her that way.

Although some of her writings are about women and theology-- including a book on Mary Magdalene–Professor Karen L. King’s scholarship isn’t by any means only or mainly about women or the topic of “feminism”.
She’s been a Harvard historian of Christianity since 1997 and served as the Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History. A few years ago she was appointed as the Hollis Professor of Divinity, the oldest endowed chair in the United States (since 1721).
Her training is in comparative religions and historical studies and her research specialty is the history of Christianity.
She’s also written books about Judas, Jesus, Gnosticism, and the gospel of John.

To refer to her as just a “feminist scholar” would be limiting as to the variety and breadth of her studies and scholarship.


Hi, Daddy’s Girl!
…but what are her goals/aims; being versed in guesswork does not make anyone above having personal bias.

Maran atha!


You’re kidding, right?

Look on her official bio:

Church History
Feminism and Feminist Theology
Violence and Religion*

It’s a fair description.

It is alleged that “Feminism and Feminist Theology” are two of her areas of expertise.

Consider an analogy: Behaviorism is an area of Chomsky’s expertise, but I would be very surprised if Chomsky is now a Behaviorist. An important piece of evidence in support of my claim that Chomsky has such expertise is a famous review of a book by B. F. Skinner that makes it quite clear that the reviewer (Chomsky) was not a Behaviorist when he wrote the review.

Now, it might simply be a sociological fact in the year 2016 that Harvard would not employ a professor who has expertise in feminism, and who is known to lack an ideological commitment to feminism. However, it would require some evidence or fact-checking to confirm such a thing.

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