Jew Ezra Levant Slams Anti-Christian Bigotry in Canadian Parliament

By Thaddeus M. BaklinskiOTTAWA, May 31, 2010 ( - Conservative columnist Ezra Levant , who is Jewish, has slammed a growing trend of overt anti-Christian bigotry expressed by some elected members of Canada’s parliament.Following a lunch arranged last week by Conservative Member…

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Levant summarizes “that anti-Christian bigotry remains an acceptable form of intolerance in Canadian politics,” that “this bigotry has infected the parties of the left.” and that “the mainstream media, and indeed the rest of the political establishment, ignores this bigotry (and in many cases approves of it).” He concludes that nothing will be done to curb this “McCarthyism of the Canadian left.”

Quoted for truth.

Freedom of religion, not in Canada.

Interesting times here in Canada. Stuff is being brought up that secularists thought they’d hidden in the attic.

Darn those intolerant ultra-right wingers are at it again!

Oh wait…

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