Jewish-Catholic dialogue in Italy focuses on 10th Commandment [CC]

In a joint message, the presidents of the Italian Rabbinical Assembly and the Italian bishops’ commission for ecumenism and interreligious dialogue reflected on the tenth commandment …



It is known that Adventists attach great importance to 10 commandments and especially the Sabbath.
Also, they give attention to a thorough study of the book of Daniel and Ezekiel which by its very nature anti-Catholic interpretation.
Application texts of Adventists are primitive and narrowly focused.
Sometimes even I surprised by their courage to search in the text the meaning which is not present there.
Is Judaic interpretation against the backdrop of Adventist interpretations are more uniting? more build up?
Remembering the fact that Judaism compared with Adventists , does not even recognize Christ as the Messiah.

This is interesting
In Israeli cities, Jews show an increase in interest in Christmas

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