Jewish Concepts of Angels and Free Will: Is this Correct?

I was reading the excellent thread on this board about the Jewish concept of original sin and one of the referenced web sites had a page regarding the Jewish teachings on Satan. I was suprised at how markedly different it was from my understanding of Christianity’s viewpoint. I was curious if anyone could verify that the article mentioned above follows authentic Jewish teachings.

If this article is correct, then the following line really stands out to me:

"The truth is that Satan has a job to do, just like every other angel. And angels have no free will. They do as Hashem commands them."
Assuming the article is correct, then Jews believe Angels do not have free will, and Satan’s not really a bad guy after all, he’s just another cog in God’s machine of creation. This makes me wonder, since Catholicism arose from Judaism, how did our concept of Satan evolve? Any Catholics (or anyone else for that matter) know the answer to this?

You need to ask these questions on a Jewish apologetics site. This thread is now closed.

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