Jewish friends - who is the messiah?

Just curious… if you are Jewish, how would you know who the Messiah was if he was to come? Is there an authoritative body withing the faith that would know who the Messiah is and what qualities must he have to be considered the Messiah?

The Messiah may be among us now but we don’t know it. When he grows up, he will be a righteous Jewish man who is very knowledgeable in the Law. He will not be divine, a mere mortal although a holy person of the appropriate blood lineage. He will bring peace among all the nations of the world and usher in the Messianic era in which there is an ingathering of the Jewish tribes from the Diaspora to Israel. He will partake in the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Israel. He will intensify the Jewish study of the Torah (Written Law) but not replace, supersede, or fulfill it or its 613 commandments. He will bring to the nations of the world the realization that the Gd of the Ancient Hebrews exists and is the only true Gd, but he will not require others to convert to Judaism. All of this must be accomplished during the Messiah’s lifetime here on Earth.


@meltzerboy2, will the Messiah be descended from David?


Yes, I added the blood lineage requirement.


How would you know he is from the lineage of David? Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know all the records of lineage have been destroyed, so we aren’t able to know who is of what tribe anymore from the destruction of the library of Alexandria and past.


Dear friend, may I ask you what you believe of the historicity of Jesus and in turn who you believe him to be, ultimately why he is not the Messiah?

May I also ask if you were born a Jew or are a convert. God bless, Brother!

If world peace breaks out, utopia arrives, everybody else says: “hey, you Jews were right all along about God,” Muslims say: “we think demolishing the Al-Aqsa Mosque would be a really good idea so you can rebuild the Temple” and I’m suddenly transported to Israel, I’ll hazard a guess that I’ll take their word for the bloodline stuff.


Just to clarify: The Al-Aqsa Mosque is a separate building with a silver dome. The Dome of the Rock is the building with a golden dome where most people believe the First and Second Temple stood.

You do realize that not all Jews are looking for a messiah? Many have either given up or taken the attitude that, we’ll know him when we see him. Some groups are very into having the messiah come…others, not so much!


Although some Jews don’t believe in a Messiah, they may believe in a Messianic age. Go figure. Only Jews can be so contradictory in their thinking and get away with it.


Oh yeah, we excel at it! :joy::joy::joy:


The second question is much easier: I was born Jewish.

I’ll go by the Jewish standard belief regarding Jesus: He did exist; He was a rabbi; He was not a prophet; He is not the Messiah; He is not Gd.

Why is Jesus not the Messiah? There are several reasons from the Jewish perspective. I would suggest you look online under any competent Jewish website. The reasons are enumerated.

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You need to bear in mind that we don’t regard the NT as either scripture or reportage.

‘An old Jewish story tells of a Russian Jew who was paid a ruble a month by the community council to stand at the outskirts of town so that he could be the first person to greet the Messiah upon his arrival. When a friend said to him, “But the pay is so low,” the man replied: “True, but the job is permanent.”’ (Jewish Virtual Library).


Dear Brother many thanks for your reply. May I ask you to choose the one singular reason you would give- the main reason why you do not believe that Christ is not the Messiah?

My childhood rabbi (and this was about 60 years ago), when asked by a student in Hebrew school why Jesus is not the Messiah, said that the Messiah is supposed to bring peace on his first and only visit to the world and Jesus did not do so. (Where did the notion of a Second Coming of the Messiah come from?) This, I think, is as good a reason as any. For me, personally, however, maybe if Jesus had not claimed to be Gd, I would have believed He was the Messiah. But a fully 100% man who is also 100% Gd is, to me, the most difficult thing to believe. Then there is also the changing or fulfilling of the Law, which is supposed to be eternal and perfect just the way it is. And the prophetic warning by Moses in Deuteronomy not to believe a miracle-worker or dreamer who may lead the Jewish people to belief in another god or gods. The whole elaboration of hell in the New Testament is yet another problem I have, and the idea that we are born in (original) sin and, at the same time, in the likeness and image of Gd. So many other things as well.


I think Christians can give you a run for your money :rofl::rofl:


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