Jewish Gulags Killed Christians in USSR?

Hi everyone. I just came across something I have never heard of before and I tried to research it online but didn’t find hardly anything that looked reliable. Anyway, I came a cross a claim of Jewish-run gulags in the USSR that supposedly killed thousands, if not millions of Christians. Is there any truth to these claims?


How does one “come upon” such a claim?

It was a Youtube comment on a video I watched.

I admit, it really confused me when I first heard this claim but it really makes no sense to me since the USSR was an Atheist run government.

Considering who is being blameed and who it lets off the ‘hook’, I don’t think the 'charge’y very crudable.:bounce::yup::whacky:

Look, I do apologize if this is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. I should have recognized it as such when I saw it but I am exhausted and I am just not thinking right.

While the gulags did claim the lives of thousands/millions of Christians, they also claimed the lives of a similar percentage of Jews. They were run by Soviet Atheists who were trying to stamp out religion among other things. Anyone who was suspected of not being a good communist could end up in one.

Thanks. I knew that many Christians died in the gulags but I did not know about the Jewish deaths. I thought they were run by the Atheist Communist regime but for some reason when I came upon this comment in a Youtube video it really confused me and I tried to research the claims. Well, the only links that came up were anti-Semitic links and so I didn’t really trust them and that is why I decided to ask on here. As I said, I am exhausted because I haven’t been able to sleep due to this headache I have and I just wasn’t thinking right.

You can come across such claims many ways.
Researching the Soviet Gulags, for example. When you google terms like
get MILLIONS of links, including somes to only-half-true sources of information.

The Gulags and the murder of millions of Christians, including the crucifying and live, conscious disemboweling of crucified Christian priests in those gulags, is 100% true.
Dr. Richard Wurmbrand wrote about these heinous realities in his book TORTURED FOR CHRIST. So have many others.

So where does the JEWISH libel come in?
Again, websites which publish half-true, distorted information.

SOME of the communists and their henchmen, a very small percentage, were
ethnically Jewish. So what??? The vast majority, just by numerical necessity,
were ethnically Russian and of CHRISTIAN descent. Yet they too, in fact in the majority, were the runners of these horrific gulags, which WERE VERY Real.

Yes, millions of Christians were interred, tortured, worked to death, and even murdered,
in those Gulags, (BECAUSE they were Christians) a few of the commissars of which Gulags, were ETHNICALLY ONLY, Jews.
But guess who ELSE was interred, in vast numbers, and tortured and abused, and worked to death, and even KILLED,
in those Gulags? Guess Who? JEWS, that’s who.
And BECAUSE they were observant JEWS. BECAUSE they were TRUE Jews.
This is why there were huge SAVE SOVIET JEWRY campaigns throughout the Western World in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, until the Fall of Communism, because the communist regimes of the USSR and it’s satellites, a very few of whose leaders were ethnic-only “jews”, were PERSECUTING THE DAYLIGHTS out of the JEWISH people JUST AS HORRIBLY as they were persecuting the Christians.

THAT, those anti-Semitic, half-truth Websites DO NOT tell you.
The Gulags, FULL of Christian Victims, were also PACKED with JEWISH Victims
as well.
Ask the late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a Christian, he would have told you this.
Ask the late Andrei Sakharov, a victim of Soviet Tyranny, he would have told you this.
Ask Anatoly (Natan) Sharansky, who is now living in Israel, and was a prisoner in those Gulags. He will tell you.
The ones who WON’T tell you this, and who try to make the Soviet Gulags out
to have been an attempt by the Jewish People to extirpate the Christians, are the Anti-
Semites who are lying to you and everyone who reads their hateful, libellous BILGE.
We Christians have had, and will continue to have, our differences with the Children of Israel. That’s to be expected. But the dastardly Libels have to STOP, and those who are promoting these libels HAVE to BE Stopped.
PLEASE be careful.
Love to you,

Thanks for the insightful post Jaypeeto4. I did get quite confused by the claims. I appreciate you clarifying this stuff for me.

Here’s some other reasons why the hate-mongers pull off these accusations,
Holly, and it’s not your fault that you read them. They’re out there.

(1) Karl Marx was, ethnically-only, of jewish descent.
…BUT he was raised CHRISTIAN, and apostasized from Christianity.
…And he did NOT go from christian to Judaism, not at all, but to DEVIL WORSHIP.
…There is much documentation of this available. Start with Dr. Wurmbrand’s books.
…The jew-blamers will not tell you that part.

(2)…Leon Trotsky was, ethnically only, jewish.
…But Leon Trotsky regarded the entire Jewish heritage and faith
…with as much contempt and loathing as he regarded Christianity.
…He was an ATHEIST, something which the Haters will not tell you.

And again, the Haters of the Children of Israel will not tell you that so many Jews were interred in those horrific camps, and tortured and killed, that the worldwide Jewish community, horrified by this, organized massive campaigns to rescue their Jewish kinsmen from these godless Red Beasts and their Gulags.


By the way, Holly,
you asked a legitimate question at the top of the page.
I wish more people would ask it, because by asking it,
they are questioning (thank God) these awful claims.
And when they QUESTION them, THAT’S when those
awful Libels can be publicly exposed as dastardly libels.

There are lies of varying degrees, and all lying, even little white lies, is wrong
to some extent.

But one of the Ten Commandments is not,
“Thou Shalt not ever tell any sort of lie whatsoever” (though we should strive not to),
but rather,
Some of the people making these damnable claims, claim to be
Born-Again Christians and Christians of other stripes. Yet with regard to
antiSemitism, they violate the above Commandment up, down, sideways and backwards,
without shame and without remorse.


No. Please google “Babi Yar.” Stalin cooperated in the slaughter of the USSR Jews. Stalin killed many more millions than Hitler, including as many religious persons as possible. Atheism was the official “religion.”

Please don’t give credence to these hateful rewrites of history.

It could be that some gulags were run by people who were ethnically Jewish and/or formerly religiously Jewish. That would make the Jews no more responsible for the gulags than Hitler being raised Catholic makes Catholics responsible for the Holocaust.

To some degree it’s not surprising that individual Jews of Europe (in part my own ancestors), after centuries of socio-political marginalization would be disproportionately attracted to radical, counter-cultural movements such as Communism, at least during their initial phases. That does not change the fact that by embracing Communism these individuals repudiated true Judaism, and therefore cannot be considered in any way representative of the Jewish religion or people.

Hey everyone. Thanks again for the further information. I do appreciate it a lot. That said, I have been doing some research on the USSR and its persecution of Christians. It is absolutely sickening the way they treated Christians. I haven’t read about their persecution of the Jews but I am sure it was just as sickening. I hope and pray that our nation never gives in to Communism.

Also, and it is a shameful fact that Christians in the Ukraine and Catholics in other countries such as Poland tormented the Jews and actually turned many away who wanted shelter and turned Jewish people in to the Nazis.

Particularly in the Ukraine, which was in the USSR, the Nazis wouldn’t have been able to butcher as many Jews as they did without the population consenting and partaking in it.

As far as I know, the Church has never apologized for these so called “Catholics”. Sometimes I wonder, particularly in Poland, that God’s punishment was that after World War 11, Poland was under Communist leadership. I can’t help but wonder if the Polish and the Ukraines had rebelled against this treatment, at least more would have been saved.

The history of Poland’s treatment of the Jews, even prior to the Nazi regime, is really two parallel histories, one of virulent antisemitism, particularly in the rural regions, and the other of protection of the Jews from the Nazis, mainly in the urban areas. It was a complex relationship. The great Pope John Paul II speaks of his friendship with Jewish families as a youth in Poland.

There have been plenty of good answers on which I am not going to elaborate, except to say that back in the '80s I studied for an MA in Soviet Studies, and some of my acquaintances during this time were Christian survivors of the GuLag system, and I have never heard of anything like this.

You really shouldn’t be posting comments about Jews killing a million people based upon something you read in a youtube comment thread. Would you like if someone posted something about you committing a horrible crime based upon a ridculous rumor he read online about you?

Passing on another blood libel against Jews is truly offensive whether you intended to be offensive or not. It demeans that Catholic website.

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