Jewish Holocaust Survivor Reunited with Her Roman Catholic Savior after 70 Years


Mira Wexler was just 6 when she and her mother escaped death from the Nazis by escaping to a Polish forest during World War II. There for 2 years the Jewish mother and daughter were given food and often shelter by a Catholic family, who would have been killed by the Nazis if they were found out…


It’s always nice to hear about these kind of stories, I wonder how many people today would help others knowing they could be shot for doing so.


Wonderful, heartwarming story, and fortunately not unique. But also sad, in a way, since it makes one aware that it often takes a tragedy such as the Holocaust for people to realize they ARE their brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.


What a wonderful story of survival and helping others in dire circumstances at the risk of your own life!~ May both families be abundantly blessed.


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