Jewish man protests on behalf of Muslims in Chinese concentration camps

Much respect to him for bringing these people to our attention


I have hope that mainland China will become a free country within my lifetime and when it does I suspect a lot more information and tragedy is going to spill out into broad daylight.

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Good on him.

The Chinese Communist Party, just like with what happened in all of Eastern Europe 30 years ago, will one day be overthrown and hopefully China will become free.

Muslims will be able to go to the Mosque, a Chinese Catholic Bishop will not say that being loyal to the “socialist motherland” is a higher priority than one’s Catholic faith, and the Chinese Communist Regime will go down in history as one of the most oppressive to have ever existed.

Hopefully that will be the end of the awful communist ideology.

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The cynical amongst us might consider that it’s becoming more like traditional oriental despotism but with a technological face.

The collapse of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union is now the “nothing is true and everything is possible” world of Putin.

People can go to church under Putin.

Also less corpses by the millions. Russia has its issues under Putin with its highly flexible relationship with truth and facts but its vastly improved from the USSR days, not to mention its satellite states are free.

China is a harder nut to crack because it’s not really a communist country anymore (it’s a pretend communist country) but it’s still very much authoritarian.

Yes in fact Putin himself is ‘officially’ a church goer.

Ah, the sole criteria of a healthy society?

Here on this forum we think it is a pretty important benchmark.
Especially considering that people spent years getting arrested for small things such as having blessed candles or Mary statues in their home.

Kindly be respectful, please.

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I’m wondering where I have been disrespectful but I’ll accept that you think I’m being so.

Yes, but what church does he attend? From what I have read and heard from a recent interview of Romanians, the Eastern Orthodox Church has been corrupted by the many years it struggled to exist under communism.

Unless, of course, you are an opposition leader who is in jail or poisoned.

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