Jewish, Muslim Tensions Rise at UC Irvine After Suspension of Muslim Group

I guess this is what eventually happens when you “embrace diversity”…

Kevin MacDonald blogged about his experience when he attended a talk at UC Irvine:

So even though I was cheered by the thought that more people are becoming aware of what’s going on in Israel, it was depressing to think that the anti-Apartheid doings are basically just another ethnic lobby. These students identify with the left, and I rather doubt they would be sympathetic to my view that they really shouldn’t have been allowed into the US in the first place. And they would be rather hostile to the idea that Whites have interests too.

I felt like a foreigner viewing someone else’s show. Outside the lecture hall, I felt like a foreigner even more. Despite the fact that UC-I is in the heart of Orange County (formerly considered a bastion of White Republicanism), spotting a White student was almost a rarity. Whites officially make up around 23% of the students at UC-I, well below their proportion in the state. UC-I is often called the University of Chinese Immigrants, but Chinese were not particularly noticeable. It was all manner of non-Whites, from every part of the world.

Just walking around campus the percentage of Whites seemed to be far less than what the university says. The official statistics are based on freshman enrollment, and I suspect that a lot of White freshmen decide UC-I is not the place for them and transfer to some other university.

It was actually rare to see a White student. When I got into the student union, there were 2 or three Whites in a total of about a hundred. Four White guys later came in and sat together–probably at least implicitly realizing that their association was based on their race. But it was eerie how Whites stood out because of their minority status–almost like being in Hong Kong or Karachi and noticing a few stray Americans.

Mike Adams had a really great post about the Muslims Student Union and how they planned their assault against the Israeli Ambassador


Thank you Chuck DeVore! He has been trying to shut these guys down for months.

Saudi petro-dollars have funded these kind of Muslim groups on campuses to the billions.


After reviewing the appeal by the Muslim Student Union, the administration of UC Irvine has upheld the suspension of the group. However, the suspension was reduced from one year to one academic quarter and 100 hours of community service. When reinstated, which could be as early as January 2011, the organization will be on probation for two years.,0,656430.story

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