Jewish Origins

As I said in another thread, I’ve been reading about pagan mythology and Christianity and came across this, below. Now I’m wondering what are the cultural and ethnic difference among the Jews based on archaelogical and Biblical evidence?

<<<<<<<<<Many scholars have speculated on the origin of the Jewish faith, the first monotheistic world religion. Where did the Jewish faith come from? Secular historians Ian Shaw and Paul Nicholson say, the cultural and ethnic origin of the Israelites are difficult because the archaeological and biblical evidence have not been reconciled. They say about the accounts, “The story of the enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt and the Exodus to Canaan described in Genesis and Exodus of the Jewish scriptures has no relationship with any known history. Biblical ‘scholars’ cannot bring themselves to accept this simple fact," (Ian Shaw and Paul Nicholson, in The British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt).

But this remains to be answered by the scholars, “Where did the Jews come from?” and “Who created this unique race, religion and language of Jews?”>>>>>>>>

The site you give is a fundamentalist one and while interesting to read, it’s very nature causes me to read cautiously.

Abraham was a native of the city of Ur, located in the Mesopotamia region of the Meditteranean basin area. He was of a dispersed people called, usually, Semitic. They had a language which was generally similar, had similar features and coloration. The entire area consisted of tribes and small city-states which were generally Semitic. His language was also of the same origins. That is how the “Jews” or “Israel” began, with Abraham, who “sought God” and heard Him speak. The city of Ur has been identified by archaeologists, and it actually had statues and apparently had local “gods”, but Abraham sought more. The Jewish people as a whole, began with Abraham, his wife Sarai (Sarah) and his household servants, followers and herdsmen. He traveled for months, perhaps years, entering Egypt at one point, and ended up settling in a pastoral area suitable for his many flocks, near to the Dead Sea. His son, Isaac, carried on the tradition of belief in one God, and the tradition (started by Abraham) of circumcision. Noah also came from the same general area near the Meditteranian area, and was probably also of Semitic origin. The entire region was primarily a Semitic people, and the same type of people live there in the countries around the area nowadays. There has been some mixture, of course, due to conquerers, war, etc… but the basic Arab (modern) type of people are also of Semitic extraction. People of Hebrew extraction (with little or no intermarriage with other peoples) can be identified by pathologist and paleontologists by blood, bone structure, etc. They are still a distinct people, and all are basically descended from Abraham, who was also Semitic. They retained their distinct characteristics (to a lab) from the lack of intermarriage and strictly keeping within their own people most of the time. Ruth, the wife of Boaz and ancestress of David, came from Moab, which were another group of Semitic peoples in the area.

The Jewish people are originally from the area of Iraq…and are of God.

Why it is matter where they originated from!, all human races originated from this earth!

The Jews are not a unique race!, it’s all about GOD’s plan, since GOD can foresees the future probably he saw that they are the best race at that time to implement His salvation plan.

As for the religion and language, GOD the greatest engineer ever, can guide them to establish great religion and language.

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