Jewish Passover, Calvary, and the Mass



I am reading “Understanding the Mass” by Rev. Maynard Kolodziej, and I am a bit confused about the Jewish Passover, Calvary, and the Mass. What is the old sacrifice? What is the old passover? It seems to me that the Jewish passover, Calvary, and the Mass are all their own Passover. However, the text seems to be comparing two passovers. Are the two sacrifices (which are actually the same sacrifice), Calvary, and the Mass?

I know I should probably know the answers to these questions already (as I am Catholic), so I’m sorry for the simplicity of the questions. :o Thank you for your help!!


According to Catholic teaching, the mass and the sacrifice at Calvary are one and the same except the mass is not done in a bloody manner like Calvary. The Eucharist is a sacrificial memorial (anamnesis) that makes the past tense event of the crucifixion present to us on the altar. The sacrifice is then offered up to the Father for the forgiveness and expiation of sin. When you are at mass you are standing at the foot of the cross when Jesus died.


I. The Jewish Passover is the celebration of the Jewish people coming out of Egypt in a hurry, with Moses leading the way, hence they don’t eat bread when celebrating the Passover but rather a kind of cracker not risen.

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The Jews were held in bondage(sin). They were commanded by God to slaughter an unblemished lamb, to spread it’s blood on their doorpost(which would save them from death), and then they were to EAT the lamb. They were commanded to offer a memorial sacrifice(to bring the memory to the present day as though it were still occuring) on the same day(passover) each year.

Jesus, the Lamb of God(unblemished) who was sacrificed on Calvery commanded His followers to “offer this memorial sacrifice” and to take and eat His flesh and drink His blood(which saves our souls from death). The Holy Mass is a representation of the one Holy and Living Sacrifice that saves us from death.


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