Jewish people against "Easter" Bunny


I just heard this morning that in a city 3 miles from where I live a Jewish man as well as a women complained about the fact that the city uses the Easter Bunny term for a yearly egg hunt, so now the city decided to name it the Spring Bunny instead.

Easter Bunny Is Out In Walnut Creek

What’s next? Banning the Christmas tree?


Oh yes, the Christmas tree has been banned in many places, especially public schools. So much for the rights of the majority. :rolleyes:


Not in NYC! Their schools can have Christmas trees - just can’t have nativity scenes.


We just moved to the East Bay area, not very far from Walnut Creek, from Southern Nevada and I’m continually experiencing culture shock. From our local church inviting “families of a non-traditional make up” to participate in family faith formation (family CCD) meetings, to the Habitot Children’s Museum in Berkeley celebrating “Shamrock Day” on March 17th to now… the “Spring Bunny”?


The “Easter Bunny” springs (LOL) from pagan tradition. If people want to secularize it as part of a spring equinox festival, I don’t mind. My family kept that part of Easter quite separate from the rest, and really downplayed it. It belongs there, however, because of the common theme of resurrection or rebirth.


liberal America at it again…


Jews know better than anyone what discrimination is like. So why would a Jewish person want to censor the faith of someone else?


Culture shock can be a good thing. Maybe its time to take the commercilization out of religion for a bit. Who needs an Easter Bunny?


Two jewish people complained (more than 4 years ago) and the town made a decision. And what does the “Easter Bunny” have to do with faith? I suppose it a town is going to have an egg hunt for children, then it should do it in a way that does not discourage certain children from participating. If a church wants to ahve an egg hunt, then they can call it “Gather eggs for Jesus” as far as I’m concerned.


This is in response to your last 2 posts (only one is shown above).

In terms of commercialization, OK, get rid of the whole “bunny” thing. But that’s not what happened. The CommercialSpringBunny is still there. It’s only the Easter Bunny that’s gone.

And so far as I know, no one of any religion, creed, color or sex has ever been banned from an Easter egg hunt. To paraphrase a quote I heard on the news today…“An easter egg hunt is just as open as anybody being able to down a green beer on St. Patrick’s day and to send flowers on St. Valentine’s day. The next thing they’ll want is to ban the menorah(sp?) or rename it the 7 pronged candleabra.”


you don’t have to ban a jew from an easter egg hunt in order for them to feel uncomfortable in allowing their children to particiapte.

I agree that the commercialization is still there, but now it is a commercialized secular event. In retorspect, I don’t veiw an Easter egg hunt as a commericalized matter. But the public vs. church distinction still holds.

Each town to its own, I guess.


I’m assuming that these couple of people wanted to protest the Easter bunny because it’s something that is connected to Christianity, and were thus offended.


I say shoot the bunny and have an ecumenical supper.:rolleyes:


I am sure that the Jewish woman who protested the use of the word “Easter” Bunny was not protesting the commercialization of Easter. :rolleyes: So, why does this offend me? Because Easter egg hunts are a fun activity for children and one lone ranger who is offended by Easter should not have so much authority over the hundreds of other people who liked it just the way it was. It’s ridiculous. I would not be offended at all if a community publication announced a Hannukah Dreidel event. I just would not be interested in attending. But should I be offended that some people in my community are Jewish and have a fun tradition for the children associated with it?


Ugh, Lord, must we love liberals too?

…yes… I know the answer… give us grace.


Umm… I’m sure the children has as much fun at the egg hunt as they would have if the word “Easter” was part of the event. Of course children should be able to enjoy easter egg hunts. And even the WHite House has one (I think it still calls it an easter egg hunt). But there’s really no reason for government, federal or local, to continue to sponser religious events. ANd ifyou are going to say this is not a religious event, then what’s the big deal in calling it a spring egg hunt?


I would have to protest as bunny is not a kosher animal and you would be exluding observant jews from the event.


Something connected to christanity that is being put out by the local gov’t, yes. I’d assume this was the reason.


Funny how everything gets blamed on the “liberals” whether they have anything to do with it or not. :rolleyes:


What the heck business is it of the Jews what people decide to call the Easter/Spring bunny? Do they observe Easter? Do they believe in what Easter means? If they don’t like the way Christians portray the Easter bunny maybe they should just ignore it. How ould they like Christians messing in their religion? Good grief…political correctness run amok.:frowning:


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