Jewish Rabbi authors guidelines on killing gentiles children.

November 9, 2009:

*“If we kill a gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments… there is nothing wrong with the murder,” Shapira wrote, according to Hebrew-language Israeli newspaper Maariv."

He added, “Citizens [of the enemy nation] contribute to the war… So any citizen who supports the war or the fighters or expresses satisfaction with their deeds - the killing is permitted.
Even babies and children are fair targets, “if it is clear they will grow up to harm us,” the rabbi wrote. “If hurting an evil leader’s children will pressure him to stop acting maliciously - you can hurt them,” the newspaper reported, quoting Shapira.”*

Now what is the difference between that Rabbi and any Muslim cleric who brainwash his Muslims to kill infidels, in my opinion they are both in the same boat.

It seems that Rabbi based his guidelines on some quotes from the OT where the ancient Jews were told to kill to protect themselves (where Jesus line was to come), but after Jesus crucifixion and the fulfilment of the requirements of judgement regarding the original sin, YHWH’s Word said “love your enemies”, which both Jews & Muslims have rejected, and that will continue to be the case till the second coming of Jesus to end this evil world.

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None at all, no religious group or nation has a monopoly on loonies.

I agree with you, Sam and Kaninchen. This person is sick in the head. His ideas are just the same as any other religious terrorist. If I ever heard such things being said in a Christian Church, I would report the priest or pastor to the police. Religion should not be a protected way of legalizing murder. Good people of any religion do not look for ways of legalizing murder. They look for ways of stopping it.

Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52)

Hate is hate. It does not matter the source. If it is a Jew calling for the death of innocents, it is just as bad as a Muslim doing it or a Christian or an Atheist.

All of the stories that I can find on this date from Yesterday (Monday, Nov 9). I want to see what some of the “visible leaders” of Jewdaism say about it.

Yes, its very important to see some Jewish leaders condemn such act…

My dear Brother Sam,

That is why Jesus criticized the “Thorah” if you read the gospel. What Jesus criticized indeed the Man-Made Thorah, i.e the Derivative of the Original Thorah. That is why in human history, once an influential leader became away from God, we came into strange things like the one you quoted. I do believe that all human basically are created under the very same image of God, including the Muslims, the Jewish and even the Atheist as well.
Too bad, some of the leaders were using religion to justify their lust for power.


You will find extremists in any religion.

I do not think posting this article serves any good purpose. Let’s not turn the forums into an ant-Semitic platform.


What is anti-semitic about it? Sam is asking what is the difference between this deeply disturbed Rabbi and the equally disturbed Imams who say similar things. This is not an anti-semitic observation. It is saying they’re BOTH nuts.

I did not comment on either the Rabi or an Islamic extremist, not did I accuse the poster of being anti-Semitic. I said, “Let’s not turn the forums into an ant-Semitic platform.”

Sometimes when people read these articles, they jump to conclusions about the religion as a whole. Many Christians are uninformed about Judaism. So, an article like this can do a lot of damage.

There was a forum member who used the issue of Catholic Priests and the charges of abuse of children to discredit Catholicism. I took up for Catholicism. This is the same kind of thing.


Actually it very much does serve a good purpose. It very clearly demonstrates to anyone who thinks otherwise that extremism can rear its ugly head in any religion. Denouncing something as “anti-semetic” just because it has a connection to Judaism will only breed contempt and distrust.
If a bunch of foolish anti-semites come along, we shall just have to deal with them.

Please read the words of my posts again. Where did I “denounce” the article as “anti-Semitic.” I said, “Let’s not turn the forums into an ant-Semitic platform;” because I have seen how quoting an isolated incident can lead to insults and accusations of an entire religion.

As I said in my second post, “There was a forum member who used the issue of Catholic Priests and the charges of abuse of children to discredit Catholicism. I took up for Catholicism. This is the same kind of thing.”

I did not even comment on the article, other than to say, “I do not think posting this article serves any good purpose.”

You believe the article serves a good purpose. I disagree. The great thing about the freedom of speech at CAF, is that we do not have to agree. :slight_smile:


But that’s clearly not what the OP did, or what anyone else did. Everyone sees the reason for posting the article, and it’s not to “turn the forums into an anti-Semitic platform”. No one brought up anti-Semitism but you.

Now I hope believers of whatever type can understand why non believers feel that religion leads some people to extreemism by it’s very nature. Some more than others. This man thinks God is on his side and that he is honoring God with this type of ideology. Non believers hear about people like this no matter what faith they practice and get even more disinchanted with God.

I would say that it is more of a reason to become disenchanted with people than with God, StrawberryJam, but yes, I do see why that would happen. It’s sad. All scriptures seem to have their fair share of violence in them (some more than others), but some people focus only on the religious correctness of an action, and not the humanity of it, forgetting that the same God created even the enemy/infidel/etc. Sad.

Yet, what one finds offensive is not an arguable issue. We simply disagree.

It is not just the article, alone, that is disturbing, it is the Thread title:

“Jewish Rabbi authors guidelines on killing gentiles children.”

This sounds very much like the false “Blood Libel” charges brought against the Jews that circulated throughout Christian Europe in past centuries. Do you not see the similarities here?

If the Thread title had been “Extremist” Jewish Rabbi authors killing," it might not be so offensive.


That the rabbi is an extremist should be obvious from the fact that he did give guidelines for killing children. I think you’re being overly sensitive here. There is no anti-semitism in pointing out that this guy is crazy. He would’ve been just as crazy had he been a Christian priest or pastor, or a Muslim Imam or Ayatollah.

The “extremist” part might be obvious to you and to me, but many Christians have little understanding of Judaism. I’m just looking at the big picture, which includes the history of Christian stances on Judaism for the last 2000 years.

Why does it both you so much that I disagree with you? We are not all going to agree.


And then, one who is informed about Judaism may not be so well informed about Judaism, especially if you listen to only one kind of Jews when there are in fact many kinds…

Are you implying that I listen to only one kind of “Jew”?


Well, I just view it as a possibility among others. And even if you knew the main schools of thought in Judaism (Chassidim, Chabad and Mitnagdim; Conservative, Reform, and Orthodox; Ashkenazim and Sephardim), you would still have a lot to learn. You know the saying: “Two Jews, three opinions”…

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