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I have two questions I want to ask a rabbi or other orthadox Jew about how they interpret two things in the Old Testament (outside what they call Scripture) and being as I don’t think I would be allowed in a synagouge (I don’t think that I am clean according to Jewish law) I was wondering if anyone knew of any place I could go to ask. Does anyone know of anyplace I could go? Thanks and God bless.


what are your questions? A non-jew can go to a synagouge. They just can’t be called up to the Torah.


My qestions are on how the Seventh day was Saterday and How they view the No other Gods/Idols Ten Commandments.

On the Seventh Day how did they deciede their starting point? Why not start on Tuesday? How do we know for sure which day is the Sabbath?

How do they look at The “No other Gods” and “Graven Images” in the ten Commandments? As two seprate Commandments or same?

And Thank you, I didn’t know that a non-Jew was allowed in a synagauge. I thought you had to be clean. Thank you for that.


The Hebrew calendar starts 6 days before Adam and Eve. So this is how we “know” when the 7th day falls. But I don’t know how they got there from here.


The commandmetns regarding no other gods and graven images are seperate. There are a lot of specific commandments regarding prohibtions against idolatry.


simply google “Ask the Rabbi” you can add conservative, reformed or orthodox for type or branch of Judaism of interrest, and you can add sabbath, graven images for subject of interrest.


I tried those links earlier and couldn’t find anything definitive. Other than what I had posted. I’ll ask a couple of rabbis I know and see what they have to say.


I got nothing. Other than the fact that since the establishment of the 7 day calendar, we’ve marked shabbat as the 7th day. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a pagan reason for it.

I think the 7 day week was in place before Judaism. SO when we were told to remember the sabbath, which is the 7th day, “Saturday” would have been the day. In Hebrew the days aren’t named, other than by number.

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