Jewish Support for Latin Mass

I usually don’t post in this section but on a completely different forum I saw a post from a Jewish person. He was happy that in his own particular Jewish group they were re introducing some traditional Jewish prayers. He was supportive of the Pope’s re intorduction of the Latin Mass. He said something to the effect that “Thank goodness…maybe we have seen an end to the dumbing down of worship”.

I thought this was maybe fairly accurate. As the Flower Power generation began to dominate the church there seems to have been a liberal slide and simplification of liturgy and worship that for many fails to convey the depth and beauty of your heritage. It is simplified and superficial. Certainly as this Jewish fellow was pointing out this is not simply a Catholic issue. Maybe just an unfortunate trend in many denominations. We have lost some of the sense of majesty and awe involved in liturgical worship of our creator.

God Bless Benedict as he steers the church’s ship :thumbsup:

Rev North

Thank you for your post.

Several years ago Time Magazine ran an article about return of tradition in both the Catholic and Jewish faiths. Good to see this trend continuing.

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