Jewish teen's prayers spark jet security scare

“A teenage airplane passenger using an Orthodox Jewish prayer instrument caused a misunderstanding that led the captain to divert the Kentucky-bound plane to Philadelphia and prompted a visit from a bomb squad.”

Jewish teen’s prayer

I saw this. I wonder if the attendants thought of asking him what he was doing. Are we to be fearful of all little boxes going forward? Shall I never again open a package of Ethel’s Truffles or perhaps a take-home container of cold but still delicious General’s Chicken without risking flight diversion, background checks and cavity searches? And forget about reading a book on Islam, brushing up on Arabic or studying military history while en route!

I’m not surprised that the attendants didn’t know what the phylacteries were, unless they grew up knowing Orthodox jews or watched films relating to Judaism. Still, that’s scarcely reason to call the flippin bomb squad.

You know, the truly simple solution for a totally secure airplane is to make everyone fly naked. This would also be the final solution to the airline industry, but I digress…

My heavens, I agree. What’s next?

WOW just Wow:eek:

Is Bob Dylan (a.k.a Robert Zimmerman) a threat to international airline traffic?:slight_smile:

No doubt! :wink:

This incident is just unbelievable to me.

Fear, coupled with a total, narrow-minded ignorance of other people’s customs, has turned us into a nation of total wusses.


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