Jewish Vice Presidential Candidate Mindy Finn Touts Independent Ticket as ‘Extremely Pro-Israel’


As you might or might not have heard, there is a Jewish woman running for vice president. Two weeks ago, Mindy Finn joined the conservative ticket of independent candidate Evan McMullin.

Finn is a proud Jew, a fierce early critic of Donald Trump — and a staunch supporter of Israel . . .

In a recent interview with the Jerusalem Post, Finn said her ticket is “extremely pro-Israel,” and that she and McMullin “value the strong relationship we have with Israel as a strong democratic ally. That’s our position unequivocally.”

I think Mindy Finn is the second Vice Presidential candidate of the Jewish faith from a major political party after U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman who ran as VP with Al Gore in 2000.


She’s a pro-life, principled, smart and savvy Jewish woman. She and McMullin have my support.


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