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I am new to this site, so I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to use for this question, but I thought I would try. My mother is in her 60’s & is a cradle Catholic. She had a lifelong friend who happened to be Jewish who passed away yesterday from a massive stroke. She was a very kind person and a good friend. My mother is traveling to the funeral tomorrow with 2 other lifelong friends who both are Methodist. The 2 friends are concerned about the deceased’s soul. My mother believes there is a place for her in heaven. The friends want to believe that, but told my mom that the only path to heaven is Jesus.

What do we believe happens to a Jewish person’s soul when they die?

Thanks for any opinions!


Forgive my confidence in this matter. Opinions do not have anything to do with what happens to anything or anyone. G-d in his boundless mercy and infinite wisdom will judge us all at the proper time…Jew and Christian and all the rest. If this is not true…I am wasting my time in my Church.
I recommend the Catechism for a more detailed answer.


That’s a very delicate issue. If you reject the Son, you reject the Father who sent the Son. But on the other hand, if the person was “good”… God is the judge, we can only guess. I think such people may get to heaven but first probably they will enter purgatory. All I’m sure about, we should pray for their souls.


As with everything else good in this world and the next, we will be over rerpesented in heavevn. No worries. :slight_smile:


I think the person is assuredly in Heaven.Jews believe behavior is more important then beliefs, anyway.I will say a prayer for her.


We cannot pronounce definitively on any person’s salvation (that decision is God’s alone). We do know that God both loves and cares for all people. Also, salvation is always through Jesus, but the way in which a person is saved through Jesus may not be ‘apparent’ to our human senses or thoughts.


Both the bible and the Cathecism point out that as with other non-Christians, Jews can be saved.


I would like to point out, and not to insult any of our Jewish contributors, that from the catholic perspective any Jewish beliefs concerning heaven or hell aren’t important. It is either one way or the other. There isn’t any pluralism. I feel that to often we seem to visualize different heavens and hells co-existing with their own rules. One for Muslims, One for Catholics, One for Jews, et cetera. When in fact there is only one heaven…the Catholic heaven. Which follows the Catholic Rules :thumbsup:

That said the Church does believe that salvation is possible for non-Catholics and even non-Christians - just that this is the “extraordinary” form of salvation, happening by extraordinary means (e.g. Angels, and as St. Faustina revealed Jesus’ calling to souls at the hour of their death).



Here is what Jews say about the soul after death Poppin


I know but God will be fair to everyone and if they really didnt believe, but had good intentions and were good people and deserve Heaven, then He will surely take them there.


I wonder where Catholics got their belief in purgatory - a place where souls go to get cleansed. Jewish belief is that neshamos get a cleansing as well.

You are correct - it is either one way or the other. Personally, I will stick to the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Yaakov. After all, G-d gave this nation to be the light to the nations surrounding them.


There’s not a log of Dogma in Judaism about the afterlife, so opinioins can and do vary among Jews.



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