Jews: are Christians able to be saved under Noahide laws?



I was told by a rabbi once that Jews do not tend to evangelise in the same way that Christians do because they believe that gentiles are saved through different criteria than Jews… they must simply follow the seven laws of Noah…and most of them do that anyway

What I wanna ask is: does the prohibition against idolatry and blasheme according to Jewish views mean that Christians are not fulfilling these laws?

ie. does the blasphemous belief in Jesus and idolatry of praying to something other than God mean that they are not saved? In the Jewish view.

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The Noahide laws requires a belief in the one God. According to the Jewish belief system we are guilty of Polythiesm. Muslims on the other hand do have the full Noahide belief structure and will be remembered by God. (This is second hand knowledge, I was taught this by a Jewish friend)


thanks polaris… is this the view of all jews or just conservtive/reform etc etc or is it universal do u know?



It is not Universal. Judaism is anything but unified. The reformed (U.S. understanding of these groups) is pretty much, anything goes, since they have put away much of the law. The conservative camp its pretty much split yes and no. The Orthodox say No.

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