Jews are praying at the wrong wall


It appears that Jews are very likely praying at the retaining wall of Fort Antonia, the fortress that was used by the Roman soldiers who destroyed their Temple some 2,000 years ago.

Have a look at:

and also


So, what wall do you think it is right?


Read the articles that I posted, the authors do suggest a few alternative sites which appear to be a lot more probable than the wall that they are currently praying to…


Surprisingly, after reading the two articles, I remain unmoved.


Is there any wrong place to pray?


By the way,
the Jews are not praying “TO” the wall.

Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)


Fort ANtonia was used to protect the Temple. I don’t believe it was used by the Romans. The Romans had to breach the fort in 70AD


And there is FAR more evidence to the contrary.


hamba2han, I think whether the Jews are praying at the right or wrong wall is irrelevant. What is important is what that wall is serving as reminder of and what it representes in the minds and hearts of those Jews. As Jaypeeto3 said, the Jews are not praying “TO” the wall, just like we Catholics do not pray “to” images or icons. Any catholic would recognize that an icon or image of Jesus or Mary or any other Saint is not an exact replica of what they looked like, but that does not matter, as we do not pray to the image or icon, but rather, what is important is what you are reminded of or inspired to when you see that image or icon.




From Wikipedia:…

Prior to the Jewish War, the Antonia housed some part of the Roman garrison of Jerusalem. The Romans also stored the high priest’s vestments within the Fortress.

On the contrary, I think that it makes a great deal of difference indeed with regard to the peace and security of the region because the Haram al-Sharif is a very major point of contention in the conflict between Jews and Palestinians.

It seems to me that for Jews to continue believing that the Haram al-Sharif is the site of the Temple Mount, then the archeological evidence uncovered so far needs to support this view.

However, the fact of the matter is that after 40 years of the most extensive archeological excavations at the site by Israeli scientists using the most modern and sophisticated intruments available, all of these excavations have failed to turn up any tangible evidence whatsoever that there was ever an ancient Jewish temple there.

Therefore, the logical and sensible thing for the Jews to do now is to finally acknowledge that the Haram al-Sharif is simply not the site of the Temple Mount and for them to continue their search for the location of the lost Temples elsewhere.


:bowdown2: Yes, our dear Muslim general, Jews should leave that place to you! However, a Jewish general might say the following:

Since no sort of evidence can prove that Mohammed bin Abdallah had ever been to Jerusalem for the mysterious ascension - a mythological trip devised to claim some part in the Jewish land & strengthen the alleged association between Mohammed and all the other Jewish messengers -, the logical and sensible thing for the Muslims to do is to destroy their sacred place so that the true place of the Lost Temple can be recovered. Muslims will definitely contribute to the peace & security of the region if they go back to their sacred site in Mecca and stop messing with Jews anymore.

:smiley: wow, what a harsh remark that would be! OMG, I cannot even imagine! :rotfl:


Aah, but you forget that at the time of this ascension, there were no Jews living in Jerusalem because all of them had been driven out by the Romans centuries before and continued to be kept out by the Christians who were gladly obeying the Roman decree to keep the Jews out of the city.


:smiley: But the fact that the Roman radars of the time were unable to detect and stop an Arabic UFO would by no means change the mind of a Jewish general. :rotfl:

Angelos N.


I have been to the wall. No one, except radical Muslims, claims it is the wrong place. The Muslims are there because they say Muhammed visited the spot. There is NO evidence for that at all. None, zilch, nada. The Jews have a far better claim to the Temple Mount then Muslims. Personally I think there should be a Synogogue and a Christian Church up on the Temple Mount.


Ohh you were talking about the religious/political situation in the region between muslims and jews. I was talking about, rather, the theological implications of praying at the wrong wall. I was just saying that it is not the WALL itself what is important (as the JEWS do not pray TO the wall) but rather what it really represents in the minds and hearts of the devout jews praying there… What the wall inspires on them and what it reminds them.

Regarding the religious/political situation in the region between muslims and jews, my humble opinion is that both groups are crazy. Sorry to say it, but it is idiotic to want to kill each other “in the name of God”, when God would want them to rather LOVE each other. God would much rather see them be in peace than having them fight each other over a temple long ago destroyed and the present mosque built in its place.

What is your opinion? Does God want them to destroy each other over a piece of land to build a BUILDING that will be in his HONOR any way , as both the mosque of the Rock and the Temple were built to honor HIM. right?

Any way, I pray every day for him to intervene and stop that madness.




And what exactly is the evidence that the lost Temples are located at the Haram al-Sharif?

The perfectly honest answer to this question is that there is absolutely no evidence, none whatsoever… zero, zip, zilch and nada.

And bear in mind that the ancient Temple Mount is a platform measuring approx. 600 feet X 600 feet and so, given these dimensions, it is not exactly like the Israeli archeologists are looking for a needle in a haystack, are they?

IMHO, Jews should stop immediately their prayers at this “Wailing Wall” because as it appears very likely to check out, it is indeed the retaining wall of Fort Antonia, then it simply is an abomination for Jews to be honouring such a hated edifice in their history.

It is just so pathetic to see them doing this that one does not know whether to laugh or cry.

This is just the point, the mosque was NOT built in the place of the temple.

There is therefore no reason at all why Jews should be claiming that the Haram al-Sharif is the location of the Temple Mount, none whatsover.


Your opinion is noted. Next time I am in Israel, I will say a small prayer for you at the wall. And when, in 20 years or so, my grandchildren go there, I’ll ask them to leave a prayer at teh wall for you and your family as well.


The history of the wall does not matter. The significance of the site to both Muslims and Jews is what is important.

Valke2, I certainly hope that in 20 years your grandchildren will be able to go there.

I fear that a policy of imposing harsh restrictions on Arab visitation to the site, and of making modifications to the complex without the equal participation of Muslim in the decision making process, will encourage the kind of mobilization and backlash that may turn this dream for your grandchildren into a nightmare.

This is an important place for both religions, and the solution is for both Muslims and Jews to have to deal with each other as equals with regards to prayers and any activities there.


Isreali acheologists are indeed finding evidence at the site they call the Temple Mount… but all that they are finding are Muslim archeological evidence, not a single thing that they have found points to there has ever been an ancient Jewish temple at the site.

Why are they continuing to pray at this wall?


I imagine that even if the questionable assertions were true, it wouldn’t make that much difference – but why are you asking a predominately Catholic group anyway? The OP is obviously not asking a real question, that is you are not seeking information but just disguising a idea you wish to promote. I’d prefer it if you just came out with your thesis of what Jews ought to be doing.

But actually, I think it would be a lot more useful for Muslims to focus on doing what they should, and Catholics to focus on doing what they should be doing, rather than either of us trying to teach Jews what they ought to be doing, except by example.

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