Jews for Jesus video showing Christ being sent to Nazi gas chambers sparks outrage


LONDON: A video depicting Jesus being sent to the gas chambers in Auschwitz by Nazi soldiers who describe him as “just another Jew” has been condemned as the “most tasteless Youtube video ever”.

The controversial video, “That Jew Died for You”, was produced by Jews for Jesus, a group dedicated to converting people of a Jewish faith to Christianity, and timed to coincide with Passover, Holyweek and Holocaust Remembrance Day on 28 April.

The three-minute clip, filmed in black-and white, shows terrified Jews being selected for either labour camps or the gas chambers outside Auschwitz gates by sneering Nazi guards.

Jesus, who is filmed in colour, then appears carrying the cross as a guard condemns him to the gas chambers, before muttering “just another Jew” in German.


A good film!


Very interesting


This is my favorite Jews for Jesus audio. 8 hours of free Mp3 testimony of conversions of Jews to Catholicism:


He suffered & died for all of us.


In statement on Wednesday the ADL blasted the video as unethical.

“The Jews for Jesus video is a cynical abuse of the Holocaust for purposes of proselytizing,” said ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman, who is himself Holocaust survivor. “It is deeply offensive not only to Jews who lost family members in the Holocaust, but also to Christians who would not want to see images of Jesus used for propaganda or shock value.”


I have no idea why it should be offensive to Jews, because Christians were killed in the Holocaust too, so why not depict Jesus as sharing in that suffering? Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, but I would think this film would generate much less “outrage” than the myriad flippant and unthinking ways in which their suffering is trivialized in common parlance. Seriously, these days everybody who steps on another’s toe is called a Nazi…and the ADL is outraged over this film? :confused:


The difference between Christians and Jews being persecuted in the Holocaust is this: the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question.” An explicit death order was crafted and carried out to bring about the extermination of all the Jews of Europe. It was an attempt to annihilate all Jews. While Christians did die in the Holocaust, certainly, it was not an attempt to annihilate all Christians.

In terms of this video, the goal of Jews for Jesus is to convert Jews to Christianity. I understand why it’s offensive, then, to convey this message through a depiction of an unprecedented horror in which Jews were murdered because they were Jewish.

I do agree, however, that the word Nazi is applied to anything and everything these days.


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