Jews hand Muslims keys to synagogue after Texas mosque burns


The congregation of the Victoria Islamic Center in Texas was devastated. Its mosque was destroyed over the weekend in a fire, the cause of which is unknown.

Then an act of kindness revived their spirits – the leaders of the local Jewish congregation gave them the keys to their synagogue so they could continue to worship.

So heartening.


I heard about this yesterday. Yes very much so. I’m not sure now if we need Ivanka’s husband to bring about peace in the Middle East. Maybe these 2 leaders could get it done. :thumbsup:



Thanks for sharing this Grace! Definitely a good-will gesture! :thumbsup::thumbsup:


You just HAD to get your shot in, didn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


I just thought what a beautiful thing between these Jewish and Islamic congregations. Actually something concrete and peaceful. It was so nice to see. And it did pop into my mind that maybe others besides Jared could lead the way.


This is nice to hear. I pray people will see the fruits of this Christ like action by that synagogue




I tend to argree, a good gesture of goodwill between two communities.




It seems no matter what the thread someone has to throw in a Trump comment; par for the course sadly.

That said, what an amazing gesture to offer the keys of the synagogue to others in need of a place to worship.





I admit I wouldn’t be comfortable offering my place of worship to

a) someone who worships a false god. Maybe the church hall but certainly not the Church.


b) a religion that calls for my destruction. Islam does call for the destruction of the jews and we only need see what is happening in the Middle East to see that they mean it.

It may be ‘nice’ but it certainly isn’t normal behaviour.


Another loving Trumpolic post.


What does Trump have to do with my post? I’m not even American.

I just don’t consort with those who wish for my death and despite what people claim, it isn’t normal to do so.

Think about it logically for a minute. They are helping a religion that preaches their death. That is insane.

It is no more sane than if they offered their synagogue up for a Hitler youth meeting. Or any Nazi meeting. It’s no different.


Please keep talking.


How am I wrong? It’s right there in the Quran. Further a quick search of youtube shows what is been taught in Islamic countries about the Jews and, spoiler, it isn’t nice. They want them dead.

Feel free to mock me but you’re the one who seems to be uneducated about what Islam actually teaches. You’ve bought the lies.


Your views are in direct opposition to the religion you claim.
That…doesn’t bother you?
You seriously cannot see what we are doing to the Muslims is the same kind of spirit that drove the Nazis and ended with millions dead?
Hate is hate, it doesn’t discriminate.
That’s why Catholics stand with the Church.


The Catholic Church does not believe Islam who “worships a false god”.
So your views are in direct opposition to the Church you claim.


1 John 2:23 No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.

There are 5 pillars of faith that all Muslims must believe. The first pillar states that there is no God but Allah. He has no partners or son. Our Father in heaven does not deny his son.

There are Muslims who do believe in the true God. I truly believe that just as God guides us in truth he will in turn guide them to the truth of his Son. Just as he will guide all who truly believe.

That does not mean the religion teaches about the true God. If it did, then it would preach his Son.

Except I don’t hate Muslims. I have neither said I hate Muslims nor said something hateful about them.

Comment A) I wouldn’t allow it in my church. There are numerous religions I would not want to worship or preach in my Church. I’m not going to be comfortable with worshipping falsehood or teaching falsehood in my a place I consider holy. I would consider it absolutely scandalous. It is a pillar of Islamic faith to deny Christ. That is not an acceptable faith to be preached in a Catholic Church. That is not hateful. I wouldn’t expect a Muslim to be comfortable with priest saying Mass in a mosque either. Not because they hate us but because our beliefs are opposed on something fundamental to both faith systems.

Comment B) Nor is refusing to lie about Islamic beliefs hateful. In fact lying is a sin and in this case I would meet the criteria for a mortal sin if I did lie about the beliefs. The problem is not that I am honest. It is Islamic beliefs that are the problem.

I have not called for Muslims to be harmed. Nor have I called for Islam to be outlawed. I have not burned their books, asked that they wear identification or done/said anything to suggest I would support the systematic destruction of Muslims. I have simply said I wouldn’t lend them my church, that they worship a false God and been truthful about Islamic beliefs. That is not hate and it is a far cry from anything like Nazism.


The God of Abraham is not a false God.

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