Jews on Jesus - Old Testament previews New Test.

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After going to mass yesterday, I was struck by the liturgy of the word. The Passion readings always make me cry, I just can’t help it! But I found that the first reading Isaiah 52:13-53:12 particularly struck me. I know there are some Jewish posters here and wondered what the Jewish position on Jesus is. Did he fullfill some of the Jewish Scriptures? Or all of them? Or none?

If he was not the Messiah, how do Jews view him? What do you expect a Messiah to do that Jesus failed to do?


Here’s a website that might be of interest:

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I pray to the God of Israel and hope that Jesus
is the Messiah.

Praised be Jesus Christ!
Just some good news here for the 'good of the order.'
The joy found from a Jew discovering the Messiah is
ever new - no matter how recently it occured.

At the conclusion of WWII, the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli,
converted to Catholicism. His story is wonderfully told in the book
he wrote, Before the Dawn.

When asked “Why didn’t you choose one of the Protestant denominations, which are not so demanding?”, Zolli replied,
“Because protesting is not attesting.”

What an elegant testimony, a faith which professes what it
believes (attesting), rather than protesting against what it does
not believe(protestantism).
Something for our non-Catholic brothers and
sisters to consider.

God Love Ya!
Jim B

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