Jews on television

Dear CAF,

Have you noticed something about the absence of Jewish channels from television? I have cable and there are SOOO many various christian television networks such as Angel TV, TBN, (Trinity Broadcasting Network), EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), The Church Channel, and so many more . . . . and yet there are no major Jewish channels on television. (We could say the same about Buddhist Hindu Muslim . . . etc… )

why ?

I have DirecTV and they broadcast JLTV (Jewish Life Television), BYU (Mormon), INSP (Inspirational Channel) which I think covers various religions, but I coud be wrong.
I haven’t seen any Buddhist or Muslim channels, or any other religions, so I don’t know the “why” you ask.
There are other channels like HOPE and WHT (World Harvest Television), and I think they have a variety of religious broadcasts. I am not certain about that, though.

When we were in Istanbul, Turkey, there were Moslem TV programs. I think it all comes down to what the audience wants.

I’ve seen Islamically-themed programming on the local public access channels very occasionally. Not out-and-out dawah or anything, but like “little nominally Christian girl visits a mosque, pretends to be a Muslim for a half hour, learns that we’re all A-OK”, and plenty of documentaries and such. I don’t know of any dedicated Islamic channel broadcasting in the USA except for that one that was started by the guy who beheaded his wife a few years ago (can’t remember what it’s called, or if it still broadcasts). I’m sure there are plenty of channels available on satellite, like how Christians can get Tele Lumière or CTV if they happen to have a million dollars and can speak Arabic…

Unlike Christians and Muslims, Jews don’t believe they have a mission from God to bring the world to their faith. Jewish TV shows are more aimed at getting Jews to remain Jews and not convert and become one of us. As opposed to televangelism being a new word that is about 50 years old.

Also they are vastly outnumbered. When I saw the thread title my initial thoughts were along the lines that 2% of the population are over represented among the population of TV characters.

do you think that satan hates the jewish race/faith especially?

do you think that the root cause of antisemitism is something diabolical?

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