Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine


Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk where pro-Russian militants have taken over government buildings were told they have to “register” with the Ukrainians who are trying to make the city become part of Russia, according to Israeli media.

Jews emerging from a synagogue say they were handed leaflets that ordered the city’s Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee “or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated,” reported Ynet News, Israel’s largest news website.

Donetsk is the site of an “anti-terrorist” operation by the Ukraine government, which has moved military columns into the region to force out militants who are demanding a referendum be held on joining Russia.


US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoff Pyatt confirms authentic, ‘chilling’ anti-Semitic leaflets from pro-Russian groups in eastern Ukraine


A little more on this:


This could be a hoax. Until we know more, I am closing the thread


In keeping with da rulz I have made the thread title match the headline, but it is misleading; actually, this applies only to the Donetsk area in eastern Ukraine (a heavily russified area).

Here is a similar item from a non-news source that includes a photo of the flier that was passed out. It is in Russian (which I can read), not Ukrainian. Of course, there’s no telling if it’s for real or not; official-looking documents are easy to fake, but the fact that Jews in this area are being given these leaflets speaks volumes. The leaflet bases the threatened action on the accusation that the Jews supported the recent [anti-Russian] coup in Kiev.

Warning: graphic photos from WWII included in the article.


To be fair I could have printed that, put on a mask, carried a flag and made the other side look bad.

There are neo-nazis in every country in the world (not the Vatican) and even your report couldn’t substantiate anything.

If you know anything about Putin you will know that he has always gotten on well with the Jewish community.


Oh Oh:mad:


This reminds me of the old story about the two Russian merchants that meet at a railway station. “Where are you going, Potovsky?” “I’m going to Pinsk for business Ostrovsky.” “Liar! I know that the only reason you would tell me you were going to Pinsk is so that I would you were deceiving me into thinking you were going to Minsk; but I happen to know that you really ARE going to Pinsk – so why would you lie to me like that?!”

I.e., when it comes to just who is distributing anti-Semitic leaflets in any contested territory, it could be the people who are actually accused; it could be some other lot who are trying to discredit their opponents with the Western press; or just someone who figures it’s a good time to lob the anti-Semitic smoke grenade because Russians are involved.


The problem is, this is the way it always begins, in one particular area, then suddenly its the entire country, after that, more areas, and on and on…!!


It seems like there is a good chance that this is a trick to make the other side look really bad.


I think it is incredibly sad and very concerning that this has happened. Whoever is responsible needs to be brought to justice.

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