Jews prepare to 'bless the sun' in first such holiday in decades

NEW YORK — Traditionalist Jews and tree-huggers alike are coming together for Birkat HaHammah, a Jewish holiday that falls only once every 28 years, marking the sun’s return to its original position at creation.

This year, the celebration takes place at sunrise April 8, followed by the start of Passover at sunset. The timing is a coincidence that won’t happen again until 2437; unlike major Jewish holidays, which run on a lunar cycle, the “blessing the sun” is based on the Julian calendar.

Still, the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life has encouraged Jews to take advantage of the convergence, offering suggestions for tying the obscure observance with the major annual holiday.

The rest, as they say, is here.

Wow, grouping Jews and tree huggers together…maybe I’m too sensative, but I wonder how that managed to slip by the editor without being seen as offensive?

yeah. Our Jewish friends deserve better. I have never heard of the holiday before. Interesting tradition.

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