Jews Salvation/Redemption


What a beautiful consolation. The 7th and the last of the Haftaros of conslation speaks of the ecstatic time of redemption and also of the years of exile and it final throes.

Haftaras Nitzavim p Isaiah 61:10 - 63:9

10: I will rejoice intensely with HASHEM, my soul shall exult with my God,** for He has dressed me in the raiment of salvation**, in a robe of righeousness has He cloaked me…

62:1** For Zion’s sake**, I will not be silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake, I will not be still, until her righteousness shall go forth like bright light, and her salvation shall flame like a torch. 2. And nations shall perceive your righteousness, and all kings your honor; and you shall be called a new name, which the mouth of HASHEM shall articulate. (nope, the new name is not Christian, or messianic believers, or messianic jews) 3. Then you shall be a crown of splendor in the hand of HASHEM; and a royal headdress in the paslm of your God. 4. It shall no longer be said of you, “Forsaken one,” and of your land shall no longer be said, “Desolate place,”** for you shall be called “My-desire-is-in-her,” …**

  1. Go through, go through the gates; clean the people’s way; beat down, beat down the highway, clear if of stone; raise a banner over the peoples. 11. Behold! HASHEM has made heard unto the end of the earth: **Say unto the daughter Zion, “Behold! Your salvation has come: behold! **His recompense is with Him, and His wage is before Him.” 12 And they ( the nations) shall call them (Torah Observant Jews) The holy people, the redeemed of HASHEM"; and you shall be called, “Sought after; city not forskaken.”

63:7 The kindness of HASHEM will I mention, the praises of HASHEM, in accordance with all HASHEM has bestowed upon us, and the abundant goodness** to the House of Israel,** which He bestowed upon them in His compassion and in His abundant kindness. For He said, “Yet they are My people, children who will not be false,” and He was unto them a Savior. In all their troubles, He was troubled, and an angel from before Him saved them; with His love and with His compassion He redeemed them; He lifted them and bore them all the days of the world.

Parashas Nitzavim
The Eventual Repentance and Redemption

30:1 It will be that when all these things come upon you - the blessing and the curse that I have presented before you - then you will take it to your heart among all the nations where HASHEM, your God, has dispersed you; 2 and you will return unto HASHEM, your God, and listen to His voice, according to everything that I command you today, you and your children, with all your heart and all your soul. 3 Then Hashem, your God, will bring back your captivity and have mercy upon you, and He will return and gather you in from all the people to which HASHEM, your God has scattered you. 4. If your dispersed will be at the ends of heaven, from there HASHEM, your God, will gather you in and from there He will take you. 5. HASHEM, your God, will circumcise your heart (nope, don’t even think this is n.t. teaching; this means that G-d will help you overcome the hurdles that the Evil Inclinaton always places in the way. Unlike the physical foreskin, which must be removed by people, G-d will remove the spiritual impediment to total repentance Ibn Ezra.** This Divine assistance follows the principle that “if one comes to purify himself, he is assisted [by God]” (Shabbos 104a), and the profound change implied by this verse will occur with the coming of Messiah. Throughout history, people struggle with conflicting desires to do good and evil, so that they can ear reqard for the right choice and punishment for the worng one. The “foreskin” is the spiritual barrier that prevents goodness from dominating the Jew’s heart. After the final redemption, however, man’s natural inclination will be only to do good. The “circumcision” of this verse is the removal from humanity of the natural desire to sin (Ramban). and the heart of your offspring, to love HASHEM , your God, will al your heart and with all your sould, that you may live. **7. HASHEM, your God, will place all these imprecations upon your enemies and those who hate you, who pursued you, 8. Your shall return and listen to the voice of HASHEM, and perform all His commandments that I command you today. …

Taken from ArtScroll Series Stone Edition Chumash

I hope this helps Christians understand a little why Jew are commanded not to follow after the gods of nations that our father’s never knew.


Hello and welcome!

I am confused. Catholics know that the covenant with the Jewish people is valid- as God never revokes His covenants.

Are you posting this for our seperated bretheren? The protestants?


As I understand Judaism, one gets saved and redeemed by being part of the saved, redeemed people.

In Protestantism, and especially pop-evangelicalism, it’s the other way around.






Yes, I realized my mistake. I should have clarified my statement. I’ve been away most of the day enjoying the sunshine. True, what you posted… but the Christian mindset, correct me if I am wrong, is that circumcision of the heart is all that a Jew or nonJew need concern himself with. Circumcision of the heart was NOT a new idea that Paul taught.


Yes and no. Yes, since to be circumcized in heart is to have a heart turned toward God and turned away from sin, thus living in His merciful love. (Protestant Fundamentalists will deny this, however.) No, because Christ Jesus and Him crucified, is the reason for the graces that bring about the circumcision of heart - including the Sacraments of His Church that sustain us in fidelity to the circumcision that is Baptism - most especially through the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Penance. Thus one may subjectively be unaware of the mercy of God through Christ, but still receptive to doing God’s will as it is known to that one, especially through the law written on our hearts - cf. Romans 2:14-15. (Which is why the Church teaches the possibility of the salvation of non-Christians, but, as I said above, many non-Catholic Christians - particularly Fundamentalists deny this.)

For one, though, who has greater knowledge built on this intimacy with Christ, more is expected - most particularly the evangelization of the Good News of Christ within one’s own sphere and continued growth in the spiritual life that leads to more depth of intimacy with Christ Who draws the soul into the heart of the Most Holy Trinity.

Circumcision of the heart was NOT a new idea that Paul taught.

I didn’t claim that it was. :slight_smile: It is he, however, who draws out its full meaning in showing that this circumcision is only found in and through Christ Who revealed Himself as the source of all spiritual health and thus the salvation of all those in Him.


I appreciate your reply.

I would like to say in my instance though, my circumcision of the heart had nothing to do with J. Actually, it was much of King David’s words. Tehillim/Psalm and G-d commandments. I loved HaShem and I wanted to keep His commandments. So the circumcision of my heart - my keeping of the commandments - living as a Torah Observant Jew is my salvation. And soon the ultimate salvation/redemption will be. G-d willing.


O.K. fantastic but what about the rest of us who don’t happen to be born from Jewish mothers? The entire idea of Judaism as it is practiced today is severely flawed, it still holds to IMO a racist and supremicist ideology.


I wasn’t born Jewish. I converted Lukewarm. And nonJews are just fine being nonJews. The Almighty is not racist by choosing Israel. He choose them to follow Torah. The other nations did not want to follow Torah with G-d came to them with it.

The nations of the world only should keep the 7 Noahide laws to be righteous. Everyone is included in the world to come if they abide by the above.


Nonsense, Orthodox Jews won’t even eat or affiliate with “gentiles” because they are unclean. You can’t convert to Judaism if you weren’t born a Jew you aren’t “really” a Jew… You can’t be a Rabbi and you will be considered a real Jew.

I stand by my claim that Judaism today is very much so a supremicist ideology.


You should google the Rebbe, Lukewarm. This Chabad Rebbe did a lot for nonJews. And what you say is just nonsense. There are plenty of converts to Judaism. Ruth in the bible - do you know of her? Sure there are converts. I am one of them.

I could never be a rabbi - I am a female Orthodox Jew.


Ruth, and Rahab were both gentiles, and are both in Jesus’ geneaology.


An African-American Minister converts to Judaism

An Ex-Methodist Minister converts to Judaism

Here is a blog that shares an ex-Catholic, charismatic evangelical minister’s journey to an Orthodox Jew

Noahide / Righteous Gentiles


A convert can certainly become a rabbi. I’m not sure what you mean by not “really” a Jew. A convert is a jew. In fact, it is considered bad form to even ask a Jew if he or she is a convert. I hope your opinion is changed over time and that you see in Judaism things that make it worth a change of opinion for you.

SHana tova

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